Renault Design Center

    Bucharest, Romania

    Renault Bucharest Connected

    In their state-of-the-art modern building, Renault Bucharest wanted to create a space where they could present their prototypes, with consistent lighting and without showing any shadows so the angles and concepts of cars could be well observed. Therefore, Signify proposed a concept that was not done before in Eastern Europe. It offered them not only consistent lighting, but also the possibility to adjust color temperature to the daylight situation, giving them the opportunity to present their cars under different weather circumstances. By simulating clear skies as well as overcast conditions, they were able to display their cars as close to reality as possible.


    This spectacular lighting solution – 45 OneSpace Prefab panels (now specified with OneSpace gen2) measuring 1800 x 3000 mm – embodied a complex control architecture. Special modules were specifically created for these panels so light could be dimmed to any color temperature they desired. The control system allowed Renault to shift from warm to cold light very quickly, enabling them to control every panel individually, using various scenarios. The unique structure that holds this ceiling was especially created for this type of application.


    Renault was so thrilled with this project that they also want to apply it to their Central Design Center in France.

    Project credits


    Renault Bucharest, Romania


    Lighting Design:

    MC General Consult and Bogdan Zaharia, Signify



    AMMA Design

    Solution Concept:

    Silviu Bulzan, Signify



    Zece Instal


    Electrical Contractor:


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