Interact Landmark

    Remote architectural lighting management for smartphone, tablet and PC



    Light up the spirit of your city creating an appealing city identity, build civic pride and attract tourists by illuminating your buildings, monuments and bridges. Monitor dynamic architectural lighting assets and manage scenes using Interact Landmark software and system architecture. We make it easy to create and trigger light shows from anywhere, while simplifying maintenance to protect your investment.


    Secure and simple connectivity. Securely access the Interact Landmark with your smartphone, tablet or PC, from anywhere in the world using an internet connection. The Interact Landmark platform is operating successfully on many installations around the world. It uses VPN tunnels, SSH, MQTT, HTTP and advanced encryption techniques, meeting top cyber security standards. Additionally, you can customize user profiles and manage access privileges for total peace of mind that your lighting is secure.




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    • Remote content management—remotely change your landmark’s lighting to suit any occasion
      • Color picker/white picker
        choose any color or shade of white and apply it to the entire site or specific sections
      • Trigger preprogrammed shows and scenes instantly
        at the touch of a screen
      • Calendar schedules
        view when scenes and shows are scheduled


    • Multisite content management—manage multiple installations and trigger them simultaneously from anywhere in the world via ‘virtual buttons’


    • Flexible user management—create custom user profiles with site-specific and feature-specific access privileges and permissions


    • Asset management—remotely monitor your landmark’s lighting system health and change configuration if required
      • Scan schedules
        decide when thorough system scans are executed to get a comprehensive health status update
      • Alerts
        be automatically alerted via e-mail on any faults and failures
      • Device configuration
        get the ability to change configuration remotely to resolve some issues
      • Reports
        generate reports in convenient format for sharing or further analysis


    • Cloud-enabled—securely access the app via smartphone, tablet or PC – without the need for a company network or VPN

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