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    While LED lighting technology offers inherent advantages, it requires careful control and optimization.

    At Color Kinetics, we take a comprehensive approach to LED lighting, one that goes beyond luminaires to encompass all key areas of LED technology, and that ensures that lighting professionals get the best possible results – every project, year after year. Here you’ll find an overview of the key LED-related technologies that we’ve pioneered and perfected, and that are helping lighting professionals succeed with a wide range of LED lighting implementations. Learn more by reading the full technology overviews.



    Optibin begins the color consistency process by grouping (or binning) LEDs by flux as well as center wavelength. This proprietary binning optimization process uses an advanced bin selection formula that exceeds industry standards for chromaticity to guarantee uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature for lighting products.



    Chromasync capability is available on many Color Kinetics IntelliHue LED Lighting Systems, including Color Graze EC, QLX, MX, MX4, SkyRibbon IntelliHue, PureStyle, iColor MR gen3, Blast gen4, and Burst gen2. As additional luminaires integrate Chromasync technology, they will be able to achieve advanced color consistency. Chromasync is an evolving technology and its integration into Color Kinetics advanced LED lighting systems is ongoing. Please check with your Color Kinetics representative to determine the current availability of Chromasync within Color Kinetics luminaires.



    IntelliHue is an advanced approach to color control and mixing that produces an enhanced spectrum of precisely controllable light, including millions of saturated colors, pastels, and precisely controllable, high-quality white and tinted white light. By combining carefully selected channels of LED light sources, IntelliHue enables high-quality dynamic color and white light from the same luminaire. With Chromasync, Color Kinetics IntelliHue luminaires can achieve an extremely high level of color consistency (<2 SDCM), rendering color variations virtually imperceptible.



    Powercore®, an advanced power management system patented by Color Kinetics, integrates the power supply directly into a luminaire’s circuitry. By consolidating line voltage conversion and LED current regulation, Powercore limits power losses, maximizes operational efficiency – and lowers the cost of installation, operation, and maintenance.



    IntelliPower is a groundbreaking implementation of proven power line carrier technology (PLC), a system for carrying data on the same conductors used for transmitting electrical power. By applying the principles of PLC, IntelliPower lets you install and digitally control intelligent Powercore using existing electrical branches, 2 + ground wiring, and lighting fixture mounting points.

    Chromacore technology
    Chromacore® technology is at the core of all Color Kinetics intelligent LED luminaires. Chromacore adds digital interfaces and intelligence to LED lighting systems, enabling precise individual channel control for advanced color mixing and full-color, dynamic effects.
    Chromasic technology
    Chromasic® combines digital LED control and communications in a microchip. Chromasic technology integrates the intelligence for automatic node addressing and control directly into Color Kinetics LED luminaires.
    DIMand technology
    DIMand™ technology, patented by Color Kinetics, makes LED luminaires compatible with selected commercially – available ELV-type dimmers by interpreting standard dimming signals and regulating and controlling the power provided by dimming circuits.