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    Our broad portfolio of LED technologies delivers clear benefits.  

    When we see an opportunity to raise quality higher, we don’t pass it by. We dig in. We explore our customers’ challenges, invest in research and development, and make the significant commitment required to develop and perfect breakthrough technologies. The result of decades of work, our unequalled portfolio of proprietary, quality-enhancing technologies enables you to get the best possible results with our solutions. These technologies raise quality by ensuring consistency, raising uniformity, providing precision control, and more.

    Optibin - Where consistency begins


    Our LED optimization technology begins the color consistency process by grouping (or binning) LEDs by flux as well as center wavelength.


    This proprietary binning optimization process uses an advanced bin selection formula that exceeds industry standards for chromaticity. The result? Higher uniformity and consistency of hue and color temperature for all our luminaires.

    Chromasync - Optimize output & color consistency


    Our advanced output optimization technology controls and boosts output while ensuring color consistency. When enabled, Chromasync ensures excellent color consistency between luminaires, without manually adjusting color points on each luminaire.

    IntelliHue - The smart way to white & color light

    Our advanced approach to color mixing produces high-quality white light, subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same precisely controllable luminaire. All with unrivaled color accuracy across the entire range of color temperatures. 

    OptiField - Uniformity never looked this good

    Our proprietary optical technology rethinks beam shape to deliver beautiful light with remarkable evenness. With OptiField, our luminaires achieve unparalleled uniformity and eliminate hotspots and banding. The result of a decade of research and development, OptiField’s freeform optic creates a breakthrough rectangular beam that covers large surfaces with full, bright, even light. And OptiField can cover more surface area with fewer luminaires — simplifying installation while lowering energy use. 

    Powercore - Power made simple

    Powercore®, our patented approach to power output proves that simple is better. As well as faster, more efficient, and accurate. Powercore controls power output to luminaires directly from line voltage. It merges line voltage with control data and delivers both over a single standard cable—dramatically simplifying installation and lowering total system cost.

    FluxBoost - Unlock the full power of your luminaires

    FluxBoost is a breakthrough technology that optimizes power and quality. With FluxBoost, an installation can use more of the power budget allocated to the project, enabling significantly higher output, creating more saturated colors, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.


    The smart heart of a CK intellient luminaire

    Chromacore® technology makes endless possibilities possible by putting precise control at the core of our intelligent luminaires. Our pioneering, proprietary technology adds digital interfaces and built-in intelligence that make our solutions so smart. And it delivers the individual channel control you need for advanced color mixing. Thanks to Chromacore, you can adjust the color temperature of white light and create sophisticated dynamic color effects.


    Our tiny chip makes a big difference

    Chromasic® Our custom-designed and patented microchip is the fast-thinking brain at the core of our intelligent luminaires, integrating power, communications, and control. About the size of a pencil eraser, Chromasic enables precise, pixel-level control of even the most complex lighting project.


    Unequalled simplicity, billions of colors, proven reliability, new possibilities — Chromasic delivers it all and more in a single silicon chip.


    Setting the right mood

    DIMand™ our patented technology for smooth dimming makes non-digital dimming eColor and eW LED Luminaires compatible with selected commercially-available ELV-type dimmers. How? By interpreting standard dimming signals and regulating and controlling the power provided by dimming circuits.


    Networking that leaps over limits

    KiNET our proprietary network protocol thinks big, expanding the scale and possibilities of lighting implementations. It goes beyond the limitations of other protocols, such as DMX, to enable larger lighting projects and more sophisticated lighting effects. Scalable and powerful, KiNET enables more luminaires per universe—and gives you more control over those luminaires. Though KiNET is our proprietary protocol, it adheres to Ethernet, DMX, and other industry standards for easy integration. That’s why you’ll find it in more than 50 control systems from other manufacturers.