Watertoren Bollenstreek

    Hillegom, The Netherlands

    Photo Credits: Nick Dankers, Livingprojects

    Encouraging connections with sustainable lighting

    Standing 45-meters high, the historic Watertoren Bollenstreek has been transformed into an accessible and flexible space for people to work, meet, and dine. The aim of the renovated building is to inspire and energize companies and startups to thrive.


    To elevate the 100-year-old tower as a new area landmark, the client requested a bold and impactful lighting solution that uses as little light as possible to support their sustainability initiatives.


    An end-to-end Color Kinetics lighting solution was selected for its innovative IntelliHue technology that delivers bright pastels, saturated colors, and white light from the same precisely controllable luminaire. Color Kinetics ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore, 610 mm (2 ft) fixtures are located in the ‘ribs’ of the tower and Color Kinetics Blast Powercore gen5, IntelliHue luminaires placed inground direct light up each of the tower’s exterior vertical elements. Powered by Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro, Color Kinetics iPlayer 3 controls the dynamic system, including dimming the light during overnight hours to maximize energy savings.


    Completed in October 2022, the new Color Kinetics lighting system reinforces the client’s goals for the tower to inspire and build connections from near and far.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Wibeke Vandevelde-Pollé, Signify and Nick Dankers, Livingprojects


    Lighting Designer:

    Lighting Designer Name


    Lars Bouwman AW Groep




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