Graze & Graze Compact

    Illuminate the defining details

    PureStyle & PureStyle Compact

    Capture the personality of a structure by highlighting its defining details.

    Achieve your vision—from highlighting surface textures and molding details to archways and windows—with our portfolio of Graze luminaires. They deliver remarkably short setbacks, breakthrough optics, and extremely consistent output all with the rugged reliability you've come to expect from Graze.

    Graze Powercore offers the widest range of light output, light color options, and beam angles. It's the perfect choice for your project.


    Graze Compact Powercore is the smallest exterior linear grazing luminaire on the market. Its streamlined design lets it blend seamlessly into the background. So you see the light, not the lighting.

    Rugged form factor

    Extreme reliability


    Since we introduced Graze Powercore in 2008, it has earned a reputation as a durable and reliable workhorse, day in and day out. It can withstand extreme temperatures, wind, rain, ice, and vibration. All while providing gold-standard illumination that stands the test of time.

    Graze means choice


    Graze Powercore includes 2 output options, 4 lengths, 5 beam angles, and three standard light options: IntelliHue, RGBW, and eW (Essential White), with RGBA also available as a Custom Configuration. 

    Flexible options


    Over 50 accessories are available for Graze Powercore, including glare shields, inground enclosures, masking shields, mounting arms, cables, and symmetric louvers.

    Ultra compact


    Ultra compact form factor—Graze Compact’s ultra-low profile is half the size of Graze, allowing it to fit discretely into almost any layout, from simple to elaborate.

    Fits in well


    Graze Compact's smart optical design features fully mixed light directly out of the luminaire. This allows for smaller setbacks than many other luminaires.

    Innovative Design


    Graze Compact features a unique optical cluster which enables CRI of up to 94, and tunable color temperatures from 2000 K to 10000 K. IntelliHue delivers white and dynamic color light with a CRI above 90 at any point from 2700 K to 6500 K.

    Graze means choice

    The Graze family of luminaires is impressively large.


    Graze MX—Premium
    Features the most light output and the most light color options in the Graze line. Perfect for high-intensity multi-story façade and surface illumination. Includes Graze IntelliHue, and MX4 (RGBW).


    Graze QLX—Performance
    Perfect for multi-story grazing and surface illumination applications calling for a balance of cost and performance.


    Graze Compact
    Ultra-low profile, half the size of Graze, discretely fits into almost any layout.

    Rugged form factor

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    Color Products

    IntelliHue - Best quality white light, (tunable from 2000 K to 10000 K), subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same luminaire.

    RGBW - Better-quality white light as compared to RGB.

    RGBA - Expanded color range of warmer tones—gold, yellow, and orange, as compared to RGB

    White Products

    eW (Essential White) - White light in single color temperatures.