Luminous Textile

    Bring spaces to life

    Luminous Textile panels

    Create breathtaking interior spaces with one solution.

    Soft content, soft sound, and soft touch. Color Kinetics Luminous Textile enables you to create meaningful spaces that enhance the atmosphere and improve acoustics.


    Luminous Textile is a configurable, high-quality, and unique lighting system that integrates multi-colored LEDs seamlessly within beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound. You'll have endless ways to play with color, movement, texture, and light, to express emotion, make a design statement, and bring spaces to life.

    Luminous Textile size options

    Design flexibility


    Luminous Textile is available in multiple sizes, including the ability to change the width and length of the panels. Positioning the panels horizontally or vertically on the wall or ceiling provides endless ways to design a space. The panels can be upholstered with a wide variety of soft, high-quality Kvadrat textiles to enhance the space and soften sound. Dynamic video content displayed on the panels offers the ultimate freedom of design. Choose from an extensive library of dynamic video content, in natural, figurative, and abstract themes.

    Easy to install


    A wall or ceiling - one or more panels - two cables per panel. That's all you need to bring your space to life. Luminous Textile panels are delivered as an integrated solution. Simply mount the panel to the wall or ceiling using the included brackets or magnets. Once installed, plug in the power and use the ethernet connection to link the panels. With our Content Manager software, you can upload dynamic video content. Control the ambience of your interior with the remote control provided or with our DiscoverMe app. 

    Luminous Textile back mounting options
    DiscoverMe LTP app

    Easy to control


    Luminous Textile is an integrated solution without any external drivers, complicated controls, or cable-intensive equipment. Simply install your panel to the wall or ceiling and plug in the power and ethernet cables. Choose your preferred dynamic content videos and upload them to your panel using our free Content Manager software. That is all you need to do to bring your spaces to life.

    Kvadrat textile collection


    The panels are finished with beautiful Kvadrat textiles, using the Kvadrat Soft Cells patented technology to maintain constant tension on the fabric in the aluminium frame. With a choice of rich colors and high-quality textiles, the panels continue to enhance a space even when the dynamic content has been switched off.


    Video content database


    Create stopping power for your shop, turn your restaurant into an intimate space, or change the perspective of time spent in a waiting room with the perfect dynamic video content on your Luminous Textile panel.


    Content Manager software


    Our Content Management software enables you to set up your Luminous Textile panel configuration. Use it to create, edit, and upload your own dynamic videos to the Luminous Textile panels.