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    Go further with powerful, precision-controlled light that reaches new heights.


    ReachElite delivers exceptional light to bridges, façades, monuments, and skyscrapers—illuminating the tallest structures and highlighting details up to 970 m (3,210 ft) away with the 300 W luminaire. If you have architectural details that you want the world to notice, this family of premium long-throw exterior LED luminaires make it happen. All with high punch and efficiency, color consistency, and rock-solid reliability.

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    Here's what ReachElite brings to lighting designers, building owners, and others who want to draw attention to architectural details or large-scale exteriors.

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    High Punch


    ReachElite raises the bar for delivered lumens in LED lighting. Thanks to its custom optics and narrow beam angle, ReachElite delivers an impressive amount of high-quality light exactly where you want it.

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    Rock-Solid Reliability


    ReachElite provides years of reliable use under truly challenging conditions, from salt spray to high heat to bridge vibrations. ReachElite provides more than 1,500 hours of corrosion resistance (exceeding the ASTM B117 standard) and a 3G vibration rating (ANSI C136.31-2010 standard). Its smart design also eliminates water pooling.

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    4-Channel Options


    ReachElite IntelliHue Powercore produces millions of saturated colors, pastels, and high quality white light, all in the same precisely controlled luminaire. But the ReachElite family also includes RGBW and RGBA 4-channel luminaires—as well as Essential Color (R, G, B or A), and Essential White (eW) in 4 color temperatures.

    Choose from an array of accessories.


    Customize and optimize your ReachElite Powercore solution accessories—eliminating the need for third-party solutions. Choose from six different spread lenses, a louver, full- and half-glare shields, a rock guard, and a slipfitter mount—all available in black.

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    Meet the ReachElite family


    Our best-in-class family of powerful, precision-controlled exterior LED luminaires let you choose the luminaire that's right for your specific application. No matter which ReachElite luminaire you choose, you get high punch, pinpoint accuracy, exceptional efficiency, and remarkable reliability.