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    Experience and Expertise in All Areas of Control

    At Color Kinetics, we’re committed to delivering end-to-end systems—advanced and seamlessly integrated luminaires, power supplies, and controls that meet the evolving needs of our customers. 
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    Control Means Freedom

    To Create, Amaze, Attract, Interact, and More

    Control was simple, on or off. 


    Then dimming, and then the invention of LED luminaires which brought the digitalization of lighting.


    The capabilities kept advancing and evolving, from single color to dynamic color, streaming video and interactive effects. Now content creation and control involves extremely sophisticated lighting implementations, with light points ranging from hundreds to thousands or hundreds of thousands.


    Lighting designers can control the quality of color and transitions in lighting effects, enable interaction, and much more—all with tools that Color Kinetics offers.

    So, how much or little control do you actually need?

    There are many degrees of control depending on the desired effect that you want to achieve:


    • Dim the lights in an office.
    • Control the lights in a retail environment to make products look their best.
    • Shift a restaurant from white light by day to color-changing light at night.
    • Change the color of buildings, monuments, and bridges to celebrate key holidays with dynamic color effects.
    • Create colorful lighting that responds to the action at a sports arena.
    • Display streaming video on the exterior of an event venue.
    • Create interactive color effects that delight and empower viewers


    Achieving the right level of control often requires a combination of component, not just luminaires.


    The Ecosphere of Control

    It’s easy to equate control with a controller—but there’s a lot more to the control story.

    Authoring Software

    Your lighting solution’s imagination and memory 

    Authoring software gives creative professionals and lighting designers the tools they need to create and manage light shows. 

    Products: ColorPlay 3, QuickPlay Pro 2



    The brain that controls your lighting solution 

    At a basic level, controllers decide which lights go on when, at a selected intensity and color. They bring the luminaire to life. Controllers range from simple wall-mounted controllers with pre-programmed shows to powerful show storage and playback devices that can be in constant communication with tens of thousands of LED luminaires, year after year.  

    Products: iPlayer 4, iPlayer 3


    Control Interfaces

    The means to activate light shows 

    Enable users to trigger pre-programmed shows stored on the main controller, raising ease of use while blending in more seamlessly with the surrounding design. 

    Products: Antumbra Ethernet Keypad 



    The bright and beautiful culmination of control 

    The final, most visible element of a lighting solution, luminaires, are smarter and more capable than ever. As these capabilities increase, seamless integration between a controller and the luminaires it controls becomes all the more important.  

    Products: Blast Powercore, FlexElite, ReachElite, and many more. 

    Remote Monitoring and Management

    Control from afar 

    The Internet of Things lets us take control further—literally. Now you can control a lighting solution from your iPhone or other device— setting you free to monitor and control a lighting solution more completely and conveniently. 

    Products Interact Landmark


    Power/Data Supplies 

    The lifeblood of control 

    Integrated power and data supplies deliver these vital streams to luminaires, illuminating them (power) and informing them what to do (data)—conveying the commands from the controller accurately.

    Products: Data Enabler Pro 



    The nervous system that conveys control 

    The network (or communication) protocol—DMX or KiNET—serves as the neural network that lets all components of a control system communicate seamlessly. The right network depends on the scale and sophistication of your lighting installation. 

    Products: KiNET Multi-Protocol Converter




    How to Choose the Right Network

    And Don’t Forget the Human Element



    There are more elements to a lighting solution, of course—including the creative humans who use all of these tools to easily create impressive installations that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


    And to assist them, Color Kinetics provides an ecosystem of global CSIs, system experts, and R&D professionals investing in building control systems and content to make it all happen. 


    The potential of lighting is almost limitless, thanks to technological advances in all areas of lighting, imaginative lighting professionals, dedicated partnerships—and a high degree of control.


    At Color Kinetics, we think of control holistically, as an integrated complete solution.

    How to Choose the Right Controller


    Matching the right control solution to your project requires a clear vision of the kind of content you’ll be using. Consider these three main factors:


    How to Choose the Right Controller

    Scenarios and Projects

    Here we explore diverse scenarios—and the exceptional control that Color Kinetics lighting systems offer.

    • CONTROL SCENARIO | A standalone DMX network

      CONTROL SCENARIO | A standalone DMX network

      A single iPlayer 3 controls Color Kinetics luminaires that display eight color-changing light shows.

    • CONTROL SCENARIO | Color Kinetics luminaires integrated with external dimming

      CONTROL SCENARIO | Color Kinetics luminaires integrated with external dimming

      A Color Kinetics DM-1000 0-10 V ELV dimmer provides 0-10V dimming for eW Cove Powercore luminaires.

    • CONTROL SCENARIO | Multiple zone control system in one location

      CONTROL SCENARIO | Multiple zone control system in one location

      Light System Manager gen6 (LSM gen6), controls 3 networks of various Color Kinetics luminaires triggered by Antumbra Keypads.

    • CONTROL SCENARIO | Multiple installations controlled with one system

      CONTROL SCENARIO | Multiple installations controlled with one system

      Light System Manager gen6 (LSM gen6) controls thousands of Color Kinetics luminaires in adjacent locations and numerous zones.

    • CONTROL SCENARIO | Unified control of Color Kinetics, Vaya, and 3rd-party luminaires

      CONTROL SCENARIO | Unified control of Color Kinetics, Vaya, and 3rd-party luminaires

      Light System Manager gen6 (LSM gen6) controls Color Kinetics, Vaya, and 3rd-party RDM luminaires.

    • CONTROL SCENARIO | Combining Color Kinetics with DMX lighting

      CONTROL SCENARIO | Combining Color Kinetics with DMX lighting

      Light System Manager gen6 (LSM gen6) controlling Color Kinetics luminaires, integrates with DMX pitch floodlighting.

    • CONTROL SCENARIO | An interactive, IoT-enabled system

      CONTROL SCENARIO | An interactive, IoT-enabled system

      Light System Manager gen6 (LSM gen6) connects Color Kinetics luminaires on a large highly-visible structure.

    Anything is possible with Color Kinetics. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

    What’s next?

    As we continue to innovate the next generation creation & control portfolio we ask, how do we remove complication, repetition, and frustration for content creators who are commissioning larger more complex installations faster than ever?


    With the upcoming Creation & Control Portfolio we do away with the drudgery so you can focus on creating fantastic light shows and lighting effects. Easy-to-use creation and commissioning tools and an intuitive user interface add up to a great experience. Creative control with our complete, easy-to-use portfolio. Coming soon.

    What matters in professional lighting?


    Control is critically important. Our series of guides explores other key topics in professional lighting—Optics Matter, Quality Matters, Color Science, and more. It’s part of our commitment to passing on our deep technical knowledge and decades of expertise to help you achieve your vision.


    No matter what Color Kinetics lighting solution you choose—or how you use it—you’ll get best-in-class technology and uncompromising quality. We bring expertise in LED selection, color science, delivered light, color consistency and control, data and power delivery, networking, remote monitoring—and all areas that matter to exceptional lighting.