Cover it all with points of light

    FlexElite Family Beauty

    Cover almost any structure with flexible strands of bright LED nodes.

    Flex means maximum flexibility. Strands of efficient, addressable Flex nodes can be arranged along a nearly limitless array of surfaces and unconventional structures. Our proven Flex family of direct-view LED luminaires can do it all—from displaying messages on curved building façades to bringing stunning LED light shows to stadium roofs.



    Unlike linear luminaires, Flex gives you bendable, adjustable strands of LED nodes that you can configure and arrange as you see fit—from a consistent grid to complex geometries. Choose the brightness you need, the strand length that matches your structure, and the node spacing that delivers the right look and resolution. Each Flex solution offers a range of standard and custom lens options.

    Outdoor Rated


    Fully sealed for maximum node life and IP66-rated for outdoor applications. All Flex luminaires are designed to be reliable, year after year—thanks to smart design, extensive testing, and years of experience. Flex luminaires can handle a wide range of conditions,—delivering dependable performance.


    Have an extreme installation? Flex Harsh Environment luminaires feature nodes that are fully sealed in a UV resistant thermoplastic overmold designed especially for coastal environments. 

    Flex Strand Length


    Standard 50 nodes per strand with 102 mm (4 in) or 305 mm (12 in) on-center node spacing, in white or black housings.


    Custom 1 to 60 nodes are available with 76 mm (3 in) to 610 mm (24 in) on-center node spacing.


    Many Flex node strands can be field-shortened, as required for your installation.

    Easy Installation

    Flex luminaires are exceptionally easy to get up and running, thanks to simple mounting and auto addressing for every node. So projects proceed smoothly—achieving impressive results in less time, with less complexity.



    • Mounting track
    • Single node mounts
    • Spacers
    • Glare shield
    • Multiple lens options, including Marquee dome, flat, dame, and narrow beam
    • Marquee spacers

    Complete Solution

    Advanced, reliable Flex luminaires are a critical part of your direct-view lighting solution, but it’s not the only element that matters. That’s why Color Kinetics offers a full range of complementary solutions—including power/data supplies, controllers, and much more. All designed and optimized to ensure seamless integration and years of trouble-free operation.

    Full Family of Options


    With the Flex family, there are lots of choices—Flex Compact gen3, RGB and Flex Micro gen3, RGB for dynamic color-changing light, iW Flex Compact for tunable white light, and eW Flex Compact and eW Flex Micro for solid white light. Plus myriad sizes, lens options, node spacing, housing color, custom options, and accessories.

    And for the brightest, most flexible member of our Flex family, learn about FlexElite.


    Take a closer look

    Choose the right Flex luminaire for your needs.

    Flex Products


    RGB - Standard option for intensely saturated color light.

    iW (IntelliWhite) - Tunable white light in a range of color temperatures from 2700 K to 6500 K.

    eW (Essential White) - White light in various color temperatures—2700 K, 3000 K, or 4000 K. See individual products for specific color temperatures. 


    Flex Harsh Environment Products

    Flex Harsh Environment luminaires are traditional Flex Compact and Flex Micro LED nodes that are fully sealed in a UV resistant thermoplastic overmold. Flex HE luminaires can handle a wide range of extreme conditions, such as dust, humidity, corrosion, and temperature shifts found in coastal locations.