Captivating façade lighting limited only by your imagination

    Color Kinetics provides high-performance LED lighting systems for a wide range of façade applications, from grazing, washing, flood and spot lighting, to direct view. Our exterior outdoor-rated and seamlessly integrated lighting systems provide an end-to-end solution – performing reliably under virtually any condition – with superior light output, highly secure IoT ready software, low maintenance, low energy consumption, simple commissioning, expert professional services, and, above all, spectacular dynamic light effects.

    Achieve your most impactful façade lighting


    • One of the broadest portfolios of outdoor-rated exterior white light and color-changing LED lighting fixtures, form factors, output levels, and light distribution patterns
    • Fixtures are directional, throwing light precisely where needed
    • Exceptional dynamic effects and light shows
    • Remote digital control to securely monitor and manage the lighting system
    • Add Web-based inputs like weather, traffic, social media, and sports to activate lighting effects
    • Integrate with city infrastructure; minimize touchpoints, and coordinate operations
    • Sustainable and environmentally friendly, with low energy consumption

    A well-established legacy of quality and reliability


    • Outstanding light output
    • Rugged, exterior-rated luminaires
    • Comprehensive systems and services, all seamlessly integrated
    • Fast and easy to install
    • Significantly reduced maintenance costs and time