Hit the spot—and more

    Blast gen4 luminaires

    Looking for a high-performance luminaire that’s flexible enough to do it all, from spot to flood to grazing?  

    Our Burst gen2 luminaires are known for great spot and flood lighting, grazing, decorative lighting, and more. You’ll find Burst gen2 luminaires lighting architectural façades and details, bridges and landmarks, parks and landscapes, and a wide range of other exteriors. No matter how you use them, Burst delivers exceptionally high lumen output, exceptional efficiency, and color consistency. Plus the year-after-year reliability of the proven Burst family.

    Rugged form factor  


    The heavy-duty cast aluminium form factor meets, ASTM B117 standard for > 1,500 hours of corrosion resistance, ANSI C136.31-2010 standard with a 3G vibration rating.



    Our proprietary optical technology rethinks beam shape to deliver beautiful light with remarkable evenness. With OptiField, our luminaires achieve unparalleled uniformity and eliminate hotspots and banding.



    IntelliHue is our advanced approach to color mixing, producing high-quality white light (tunable from 2000 K to 10000 K), subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same precisely controllable luminaire.



    Powercore rapidly, efficiently, and accurately controls power output to luminaires directly from line voltage, eliminating the need for an external power supply. It dramatically simplifies installation and lowers total system cost.

    The right light


    Choose from seven light options including IntelliHue, RGBW, RGBA, RGB,

    iW (Intelligent White),

    eW (Essential White),
    and eColor (Essential Color)

    Controller capable


    Burst gen2 works seamlessly with the complete Color Kinetics line of controllers, including ColorDial Pro, iPlayer 3, and Light System Manager—as well as third-party controllers.

    A full line of accessories

    • Six different diffuser lenses for Burst gen2 (10°, 20°, 40°, 60°, 80°, 10° x 40°) and four for Burst Compact (14°, 23°, 41°, 10° x 41°)
    • Four housing color choices (black, bronze, gray, and white)
    • Louver
    • Half glare shield
    • Full glare shield
    • Mounting arms
    • Wiring compartments



    Take a closer look

    Choose the right Burst luminaire for your needs.

    IntelliHue Products

    IntelliHue - Best quality white light, (tunable from 2000 K to 10000 K), subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same luminaire.

    iColor Products

    RGBW - Better-quality white light as compared to RGB.

    RGBA - Expanded color range of warmer tones—gold, yellow, and orange, as compared to RGB.

    RGB - Standard option for intensely saturated color light.

    iW, eW, and eColor Products

    iW (IntelliWhite) - Tunable white light in a range of color temperatures from 2700 K to 6500 K.

    eW (Essential White) - White light in one of four color temperatures—2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, or 4000 K.

    eColor (Essential Color) - Intensely saturated red, green, blue, or amber light for accent and other special applications.