The power of light

    Light moves quickly. So do we.

    That’s how we’ve stayed at the forefront of lighting for more than two decades.


    We’re inspiring creative minds and letting their imaginations run free. We’re expanding our extensive portfolio of advanced dynamic lighting solutions. We’re constantly searching for—and discovering—breakthrough technologies that enable new capabilities.


    It’s a fascinating, challenging time in the global lighting industry. We’re excited to be leading the transformation of our industry and envisioning its thriving future. We’re proud to be Color Kinetics, a global brand of Signify.


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    Inspiring People

    Transforming Spaces

    Illuminating the Future

    We’re About Exploring Possibilities    

    Lighting designer. Architect. Artist. Light sculptor. Interior designer. Building owner. City planner. Creative soul. Innovative thinker.

    Sound like you? If so, we can help you harness the unique power of light to attract a crowd, build a brand, make a statement, and reinvigorate buildings and spaces.

    Our specification-grade lighting solutions transform buildings or bridges, historic sites and beloved icons, interiors and exteriors, neighborhoods or cities. Our intelligent lighting inspires exhilarating experiences that engage people on a deep, emotional level. And our advanced luminaires enable artists to create stunningly beautiful light sculptures.

    We empower you with a full toolbox of highly configurable, dynamic lighting solutions—plus unrivalled experience and expertise. We work closely with you to turn your vision—simple or grand, local or international—into reality.


    We’re ready to help you explore the possibilities.

    We Give You the Freedom to Choose

    We offer one of the broadest, deepest portfolios
    of professional lighting solutions in the world—including some of the industry’s most recognized and respected product lines, such as ReachElite, Blast gen4, Graze, and Flex.


    Our highly configurable solutions offer the power and type of light that you need to achieve your creative vision. Choose from tunable to dynamic color—or both in the same luminaire. Our inventive form factors fit seamlessly into even the most challenging installations. We deliver complete solutions that include advanced controllers, power/data supplies, monitoring software, accessories, and much more. And our open systems integrate seamlessly with other elements.


    Different types of light, capabilities, power, form factors, and price points—it’s all part of our commitment to delivering what you need, exactly how you need it.

    Drawing on Our Past, Eyes on the Future


    We created some of the world’s first LED lighting solutions back when this critical technology was new to the marketplace. In fact, some of our early LED luminaires are ensconced in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. And one of our spotlights won Best New Product at Lightfair—in 1998.


    We build on our two-decade history of innovation to develop new lighting solutions that are more capable, connected, and flexible.

    Color Kinetics products

    We Can Light It All


    Color Kinetics solutions illuminate the world’s most iconic structures. From the Empire State Building to the San Francisco Bay Bridge. From the London Eye to Turkey’s Kirikkale Merkez Nur Mosque. But we also light countless office buildings, stylish retail interiors, bridges, public squares, and other less recognizable (but equally important) sites around the world.


    Our Color Kinetics luminaires are designed for the most demanding lighting projects, while our Vaya series by Color Kinetics offers options for projects that don’t require maximum output. And we’re always developing new solutions to meet the evolving, expanding needs of a vibrant marketplace.

    Innovation Is Embedded in Our DNA


    Yes, we build on a long history of innovation and draw from of years of experience. But our eyes are always on the horizon, searching for new technologies and breakthroughs that will take state-of-the-art a giant step ahead.


    Learn about our patented technology innovations

    We already have hundreds of patented technologies in all areas of lighting, thanks to our extensive commitment to research and development. We’ll keep innovating, always—in all ways, far into the future. Because we’re curious. And committed to taking lighting further.

    Optical systems that break the rules to deliver remarkably even illumination. Brighter luminaires that reach higher and further. Integrated technologies that ensure control, consistency, and convenience. That’s innovation. That’s Color Kinetics.

    Our Powercore technology integrates advanced power management right into LED luminaires, making life easier for our customers, as well as installers and electricians. Optibin ensures consistent LED output and great results from the very start by selecting the right LEDs. IntelliHue (color control and mixing) and Chromasync (advanced color consistency) meet the pressing need for accurate, predictable color—from tunable white to millions of dynamic colors. And our exceptional OptiField optical system delivers a wall of bright, precisely focused light.

    Unlocking the Extraordinary Potential of Light—Together


    Exploring the possibilities of lighting demands relentless research and experimentation. It means expanding current technologies while envisioning the future. It requires connecting lighting and people in new, unexpected ways. And it relies on close collaboration that draws from sophisticated and specialized expertise.


    Learn how we leverage the expertise of core companies

    We’re a core brand of Signify, the world leader in connected products, systems, and services. Through our combined innovations, we’re unlocking the extraordinary potential of light to inspire brighter lives and create a better world.

    Combining Our Expertise

    Being part of Signify lets us leverage the technology, expertise, and insights of other core companies. For example, Interact is unlocking the potential of lighting systems and people to connect and interact in new ways. Interact’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables connected lighting systems and embedded sensor networks to deliver new capabilities, insights, and benefits. And Interact Landmark software brings sophisticated management and control to even the most elaborate lighting installations.  


    Interact’s extensive connectivity expertise complements and extends our advanced lighting solutions even further. And it’s just one of the many ways that we work in deep partnership with other Signify brands—and their talented people.

    Looking Ahead


    We serve a dynamic creative community that is pushing the boundaries with lighting projects that would have been unimaginable in the past. And you’re part of it.


    We’re ready to help you create beauty, transform structures, and reinvent public spaces. And above all, to inspire meaningful experiences and real, emotional responses. Our relentlessly innovative solutions turn possibilities into completed projects. Our committed people deliver deep expertise. And our partners help us go even further.


    Always moving forward. Always innovating. That’s how we stay at the forefront of the global lighting industry. That’s why we’re Color Kinetics.

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