Durable bridge lighting that inspires

    Revitalizing bridges with stunning dynamic LED lighting can create a unique identity for bridges of all types – from new, modest, and utilitarian bridges to historic, monumental, and iconic bridges. Innovative bridge lighting can attract visitors, drive economic development, create civic pride, increase safety, and reduce costly energy consumption.

    Color Kinetics has been lighting bridges for decades. Not only were we the first to do it, we are still the global leader in transforming bridges through innovative uses of architectural lighting. Choose from rugged, outdoor-rated white and color-changing light in a wide range of form factors, output levels, and light distribution patterns to achieve your vision. Our luminaires deliver superior light output, long life, highly reliable operation, simple commissioning, and secure remote monitoring and management - so it’s easy to program and modify light shows, color-changing effects, large-scale video, and even Web-based inputs.

    Get the unique capabilities you need


    • Fixtures throw light only where needed.
    • Captivating effects and light shows.
    • Trigger effects with weather, traffic, and social media feeds.
    • Remote monitoring and management.
    • Integrate with a bridge’s master controls or city infrastructure.
    • Low energy consumption and environmentally friendly.

    Proven record of quality and reliability


    • Superior light output.
    • Rugged to withstand the harshest environments.
    • Comprehensive and seamlessly integrated systems and services.
    • Simple commissioning and low maintenance.


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