Creation & Control Portfolio

    Creative control with our complete, easy-to-use portfolio

    Blast gen4 luminaires
    You want to create the kind of extraordinary lighting designs and shows that achieve your creative vision and wow even the most demanding site owners. And you need to stay connected to your projects, collaborators, clients, and sites—no matter where you are. We help get you there with our award-winning advanced creation and control software solution. Rely on Color Kinetics when you need to author compelling content, commission lighting installations, trigger and play dynamic light effects—and get impressive results. All while staying connected to your creative life.

    Designed for content creators

    We make the whole process faster and easier via intuitive software and controls that cover all aspects of creating great dynamic lighting shows and effects. Our customers told us what they were looking for when creating and controlling content. And our development team created a complete, easy-to-use solution that delivers:


    • A faster, easier way to create fantastic shows and light effects
    • An expanded portfolio of creative tools
    • Quick commissioning of even larger, complex installations
    • Simple integration with the IoT
    • Convenient scheduling and triggering
    • A future-proof solution that brings you new capabilities

    Providing a great experience

    Creating fantastic light shows and lighting effects used to mean complication, repetition—and frustration for lighting designers and their teams. It used to require long hours (or days) on-site to bring a lighting design to life. Not anymore.


    With the Color Kinetics creation and control portfolio, we do away with the drudgery so you can focus on creating fantastic light shows and lighting effects. Easy-to-use tools and an intuitive user interface add up to a great experience. And thanks to a new degree of flexibility and connectivity, you can connect to installation sites via the Internet and create stunning light shows from your studio.

    Integrating all the capabilities you need

    Our complete solution provides a full array of capabilities, each seamlessly integrated:

    ColorPlay 4

    Create compelling content

    Our next-generation creative authoring software brings you the timeline-based show editing that lighting designers prefer. In one, powerful creative content authoring environment, we put a wide range of capabilities at your fingertips—and make them all exceptionally easy to use. Animated effects, video, dynamic color—the possibilities are limitless. An array of powerful layout tools make it easy to draw different shapes and group your lights—unlocking new creative potential. You can synchronize sound effects with your light shows, creating more immersive experiences and differentiating your work.
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    QuickPlay Pro 2

    Commission and control your devices

    Today’s connected lighting systems include a range of luminaires and networking devices—and potentially thousands of light points. QuickPlay Pro 2 is our advanced device control solution, which quickly commissions your entire lighting implementation, laying the critical groundwork for lighting design. In the past, this process could be tedious and complicated. But our engineering team created next-generation commissioning software and an intuitive interface that speed workflows—and eliminate the repetitive work that used to be required between commissioning and authoring.


    When you commission your systems with QuickPlay Pro 2, you get a map file that serves as the basis for show authoring in Color Play 4. But you don’t get headaches or delays.

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    iPlayer 4

    Bring your work to life

    With iPlayer 4, you can schedule and trigger your creative content, turning it from design to reality—connecting with your audience and impressing site owners. iPlayer 4 brings your work to life. It’s a compact but powerful show storage and playback solution capable of handling your most ambitious lighting installations.
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    Interact Landmark

    Take your work further  

    Great lighting designs don’t live on laptops, they need to be shared and monitored more broadly, connecting with your creative community, site owners, event organizers, and beyond. Interact Landmark makes it happen by providing a powerful connected infrastructure that brings the Internet of Things (IoT) to your lighting designs. It takes key steps in lighting design and puts them online—scheduling and triggering, monitoring and maintaining, engaging your audience and measuring your response. The result? Easy access, control, and management from anywhere. The security of knowing your work is centrally available—and protected. And the opportunity to collaborate more broadly and share your work more easily.
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