Architectural Lighting Designers

    If you can dream it,
    you can achieve it
    with Color Kinetics

    Your lighting designs are more creative and ambitious than ever. And magnificent lighting designs require exceptional lighting – end-to-end, seamlessly integrated lighting systems that provide the flexibility to achieve whatever you can imagine, the highest quality and most advanced optics to ensure the result is exactly what you envisioned, and a team of lighting system experts with unmatched experience to help you get the best possible results. Equally important, is our mutual commitment to improving lighting and life with sustainable lighting solutions.


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    Get unmatched versatility with Color Kinetics complete systems


    Unique in the industry, Color Kinetics offers a comprehensive toolbox of all-inclusive, integrated lighting systems – luminaires, controllers, power/data supplies, software, and more - so your innovative design ideas - including those that raise engagement and interaction to entirely new levels - aren’t limited by technology. You also have access to our lighting system experts, who have unequalled expertise to help you get stunning results.


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    Your signature style calls for unrivalled Color Kinetics quality


    Color Kinetics lighting systems integrate our proprietary, advanced technologies to ensure color consistency, accuracy, uniformity, and control.  We offer management, monitoring, and other differentiated capabilities to help ensure wonderful results and high impact. That’s why we are trusted to light the world’s most cherished landmarks that continue to shine beautifully for years - even decades – after installation.


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    Color Kinetics sustainable solutions help make the world better


    We’re all in this together - and looking to increase energy efficiency, health & well-being, and safety and security. Color Kinetics is part of Signify’s Brighter Lives, Better World 2025 program that intends to double our positive impact on the environment and society in just a few years.


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    Be inspired by other lighting designers


    Light connects us as one lighting family. Read our Lighting Designer Interview Series, designed to illuminate, inspire, share experiences, and reflect on the ever-expanding possibilities of light.


    Watch videos from our Lighting Designer Sessions to hear lighting designers and artists share their specialties, inspiration, and achievements.




















    Photo credits: Unsplash (photo 3),The Prince Charles Hospital Critical Care Research Group (photo 4)