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    QuickPlay Pro / Addressing and Configuration


    Addressing is the process of programming luminaires with light numbers or DMX addresses so that a playback controller can properly route light output data. QuickPlay Pro allows you to assign light numbers or DMX addresses according to hard-coded luminaire serial numbers.

    Use QuickPlay Pro 1 for addressing luminaires except as noted below.  

    Configuration Calculator

    Configuration Calculator from Color Kinetics helps you determine the number of luminaires each circuit in your installation can support, based on type of luminaire, power source (Data Enablers for color and iW luminaires, line power for eW luminaires), line voltage, circuit load, and cable lengths. Configuration Calculator also calculates your configuration's total power consumption in both watts and amps.


    Configuration Calculator represents the configuration you specify (luminaires and optional jumper cables, if applicable) in a simple schematic diagram. As you add and delete luminaires, change cable lengths and line voltage, or modify the maximum circuit load, Configuration Calculator automatically recalculates your configuration's total power consumption. With a single mouse-click, you can quickly determine the maximum number of luminaires your configuration can support, based on the details you entered. If you exceed the configuration's power limitations, Configuration Calculator displays a warning in red.


    Configuration Calculator works with all Powercore luminaires from Color Kinetics, such as ColorBlast Powercore, iW Reach Powercore gen2, and eW Profile Powercore.


    Video: How to use Configuration Calculator