OneSpace gen2

    Interior bright and efficient panels with tunable or solid white light

    OneSpace gen2 represents the latest in high-quality white light panels from Color Kinetics. Its smart, modular design delivers everything you need in normal sized boxes driving quick and easy assembly and installation. This elegant, low-profile luminaire provides abundant light to any space transforming ceilings into a seamless, cohesive plane of light. With hundreds of sizes, Tunable and Solid White light options, and industry-best quality CRI and color consistency, OneSpace gen2 is beauty defined.


    • OneSpace gen2 offers excellent light output, long source life, high CRI, and energy efficiency, in a beautiful, clean plane of light. Industry-best quality of 90+ CRI and color consistency within a 2-step MacAdam ellipse provides a glare-free direct view luminaire, and abundant, uniform daylight illumination evenly lit across the entire task surface.
    • Groundbreaking plane of light that integrates hundreds of LEDs with beautiful white fabric providing abundant light and excellent distribution, right to the edge of the luminaire. Customize your OneSpace gen2 with Tunable White (ranging from a warm 2700 K to a cool 6500 K) or two Solid White 3000 K or 4000 K options.
    • Easy to transport and install. The all new modular design of OneSpace gen2 ensures fast delivery and easy transportation. Shipped in common sized boxes, OneSpace gen2 delivers all the building blocks and guidance needed for easy on-site assembly. Every luminaire arrives with a single piece of fabric that is easy to install, launder, and replace.
    • Multiple options for design flexibility. Available in tunable white (ranging from a warm 2700 K to a cool 6500 K) or two solid white options. Hundreds of sizes from 924 x 924 mm (3 x 3 ft) up to 2,424 x 9,924 mm (7.95 x 32.56 ft) in 300 mm (11.8 in) increments (600 mm (23.6 in) for Solid White) offer further design flexibility. With so many choices it’s easy to find the right luminaire for your project.
    • Beauty defined. The bold shape of OneSpace gen2 features an ultra-thin black frame which perfectly outlines the brilliant, seamless, plane of light. The industry-best quality white light evenly fills the frame, right up to the edge, offering a clean modern aesthetic. In its simplest form, OneSpace gen2 reinforces a feeling of purity that is at the core of its design.
    • This elegant, low-profile luminaire delivers up to 2964 lm/m2 (275 lumens per foot2) of white light at an affordable price. With excellent light output, long source life, energy efficiency, and virtually maintenance-free operation OneSpace gen2 is designed to provide optimum output and design flexibility.