The Color Kinetics Advantage

    What is the Color Kinetics advantage?

    The Color Kinetics advantage is that we stand apart from others. We are trusted to light the world’s most iconic structures. We have institutional knowledge and unparalleled experience in the most demanding projects: from office buildings, stylish retail and hospitality interiors to bridges and public squares. From our experience and deep connections with lighting professionals, we design and develop innovative connected and interactive solutions that meet the evolving and expanding needs of the lighting industry. We light the way!

    Depth and breadth of our portfolio - complete, seamlessly integrated lighting systems    


    We deliver complete, scalable solutions – advanced luminaires, controllers, remote management software, power/data supplies, and more – an approach that differentiates us in the industry. Our solutions are more connected, interactive, and flexible so you can take tomorrow’s challenges head on.


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    We offer complete, seamlessly integrated lighting systems:


    • Video controller.
    • Content to create light shows.
    • Power supplies.
    • Integrated cabelling.
    • Accessories.


    A strong legacy of quality and reliability

    Color Kinetics is synonymous with unmatched quality standards
    • As a result of decades of innovation, we provide you with one of the broadest, deepest and most respected portfolio of proprietary, quality-enhancing technologies.
    • With our relentless dedication to sustainability, we offer lighting solutions with maximum energy-efficiency.
    • We provide broader access to our lighting system experts, who have unequalled experience and help you get the best possible results.
    • We operate with a global network of fully certified value-added partners.


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    • We set new standards for consistency, accuracy, uniformity, control.
    • All products pass rigorous design verification, validation, burn-in testing.
    • Installations running continuously, 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, for over a decade.
    • Our lighting solutions are fast and easy to install, configure, program, operate, maintain.
    • ActiveSite cloud-based monitoring capabilities with Interact Landmark.

    Extensive commitment to R&D


    We drive the industry forward

    • Invent key industry technologies.
    • Extensive patent portfolio.
    • Award-winning lighting systems.


    Key industry technologies we invented:

    Powercore integrates advanced power management into LED luminaires, making life easier for customers, installers, and electricians.

    Optibin ensures consistent LED output and great results from the start by selecting the right LEDs.

    IntelliHue (color control and mixing) and

    Chromasync (advanced color consistency) provide accurate, predictable color—from tunable white to millions of dynamic colors.

    OptiField optical system delivers a wall of bright, precisely focused light.

    FluxBoost boosts the output of multi-channel LED luminaires.


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    Achieve your unique vision with our luminaires

    We empower your to achieve your vision
    We bring you versatility: our portfolio contains lighting solutions for architectural, theatrical, accent, and general lighting applications for indoors and outdoors. Find the power and types of light you need to achieve your visions from our graze, wash, flood, spot, cove, task, and direct view LED lighting solutions - including the most recognized and respected product lines in the industry: ReachElite, Blast gen5, Graze, Accent, Flex, and many more. Regardless of the size and intent of your lighting installation, we have a solution for you!