Government and Landmarks

    Reliable, energy-efficient government building and landmark lighting that engages

    Breathing new life into landmarks and municipal spaces – historic and modern – with dynamic and innovative uses of LED light has been our passion for decades. Whether you’re looking to replace failing, energy-intensive garage lighting, increase safety with public garden lights, drive tourism with historical site lighting, foster civic pride and unity using innovative architectural lighting on and in government buildings, or establish a more connected and sustainable city, Color Kinetics provides advanced, comprehensive LED lighting systems that attract visitors, make cities better places to live and work, and strengthen the identity of a region.

    Ultimate façade lighting design flexibility


    • Exterior and interior, white and color-changing light across form factors, output, and light distribution
    •  Secure, simple remote monitoring and management
    • Light shows, color-changing effects, large-scale video, and IoT integration
    • Integrate with city infrastructure
    • Public interaction with landmark lighting
    • Environmentally-friendly and sustainable

    Hallmark quality, reliability, durabaility, and longevity


    • Exceptional LED light output
    • Fully integrated systems and services
    • Fast, easy installation
    • Low maintenance