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    Creating a better world

    Sustainability is in our DNA

    From the start, Color Kinetics has created innovative lighting solutions and advanced technologies designed to make lighting—and life—much better. By raising efficiency to new heights, our solutions help our customers do more with less energy. And since we design our solutions for long, useful lives, they create less waste. So, our customers get great results, year after year. All with less impact on the planet.
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    Part of a major Signify initiative    


    Color Kinetics is part of Signify’s Brighter Lives, Better World 2025 program, an ambitious initiative that aims to double our positive impact on the environment and society in a few short years. Here are some of the key areas where we’re reducing our impact on the environment while increasing the quality of life for our customers.










    We help create a better world by reducing environmental impact

    Contributing to climate action, our connected lighting solutions provide exceptional control, ensuring that our users get the flexibility that they need—while reducing energy use. Remote monitoring and management make it easy to maximize efficiency for even the most extensive lighting implementation.


    Our solutions integrate seamlessly with building management systems, city infrastructures, and other control systems, empowering our customers to increase energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint. And many of our products meet stringent EU efficiency standards outlined in the EcoDesign Directive, and are listed in the EPREL database.
    See efficiency in action at these Color Kinetics customer sites: Poznan City Center, Zhongshan Road, Hoan Bridge, Watercare House, LAX, DTW, and Howrah Bridge.



    We help build brighter lives by fostering health and well-being


    Color Kinetics lighting solutions unlock the visual and emotional power of light—where people live, work, study, or heal. Easily controlled, tuned, and dimmed, our connected luminaires create environments that support well-being. For example, Luminous Textile fabric panels soften sound and enable customers to use customized scenes to create different moods in a space, including offices and healthcare settings. And our OneSpace gen2 luminaires are high-quality white light panels that transform ceilings into a seamless, cohesive (and tunable) plane of light. The result? Enhanced daylight ambiance and acoustics that promote health and well-being.


    See how Color Kinetics inspires health and well-being around the world: The Prince Charles Hospital, Nordsjaellands Hospital, Atlas Workbase, Ogilvy London, and STIP Belgolaise.






    We help build brighter lives by encouraging safety and security

    Our advanced exterior lighting solutions can help reduce crime and increase traffic safety. After all, brighter light—where and when it’s needed—can transform public spaces from dangerous to safe. Our solutions play an important role in connected lighting systems equipped with sensors that can detect and increase light levels for greater visibility and safety. And we contribute smart, responsive lighting to key transportation infrastructures, such as roadways and tunnels—providing refreshing scenes to break the routine, warnings of potential issues, and directional guidance during actual emergencies.
    See how Color Kinetics contributes to safety and security in critical areas: Veentunnel, Clink Street Tunnel, 2nd Street Tunnel, and Regent's Canal Tunnel.
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    What matters in professional lighting?


    Sustainabilty is critically important. Our series of guides explores other key topics in professional lighting—Optics Matter, Quality Matters, Control Matters, and more. It’s part of our commitment to passing on our deep technical knowledge and decades of expertise to help you achieve your vision.


    No matter what Color Kinetics lighting solution you choose—or how you use it—you’ll get best-in-class technology and uncompromising quality. We bring expertise in LED selection, color science, delivered light, color consistency and control, data and power delivery, networking, remote monitoring—and all areas that matter to exceptional lighting.