PwC Building

    Diegem, Belgium

    Photo and Video Credits: Ghelamco



    Creating a landmark of tomorrow with dynamic lines of light

    Renown real estate investor, Ghelamco, constructed a new 28000 m², 12-floor office building for PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) to create an iconic and highly visible landmark located next to the Brussels Airport and enroute to NATO and European Parliament. Completed in July 2021, the building was created as a visionary office of tomorrow, focused on quality, sustainability, and the well-being of its employees. Sustainable materials were used for the construction of the building to minimize the ecological footprint of the company.


    Lighting for the innovative new building is designed to add value, leverage its high-traffic location, and enhance the architecture by providing elegance, coherence, and branding. This was achieved by making a bold statement on the façade with lines of dynamic, color-changing light that accent the structure’s architectural form.


    Color Kinetics products were selected for their reliability and ability to perfectly achieve the intended design. Strands of Flex Micro gen3, RGB (66 nodes) embedded in the profile of the building contour the architecture with a continuous line of light, while (71) eW Blast Powercore 4000 K luminaires are mounted on the railings of the floating terraces and (57) eW Graze MX Powercore 4000 K 10° x 60° 305 mm (1 ft) fixtures illuminate the floating parking structure. The end-to-end Color Kinetics solution is controlled by ActiveSite and powered by Data Enabler Pro.


    Signify delivered a turnkey project and managed service contract for the next 10 years. Moreover, the spectacular exterior lighting has established the PwC Building as a highly recognizable area landmark reflecting the forward-looking goals of the project.


    “We focus on highly strategic and visibly located project sites where a partnership with signify always results in our architectural and sustainable buildings getting that extra touch which sets us apart in the market. With the PWC campus, our collaboration has again succeeded in strengthening the architectural quality thanks to a thorough conceptual study and ditto technical approach. In this way, just like the Ghelamco Arena, the pwc campus will also become a sustainable landmark on an important traffic axis in Belgium.“ – Michael Gheysens, Ghelamco

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Painting with light (Ashwin Coelho)


    Electrical Contractor:

    Claesen Terreinverlichting


    Engineering and Commissioning:




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