The ceiling becomes the light; the light becomes the ceiling

    OneSpace panels

    The ceiling is a blank canvas awaiting your vision
    Color Kinetics OneSpace liberates you from the constraints of conventional ceiling design to achieve your uncluttered, minimalistic vision. Use OneSpace to transform any ceiling into a seamless, cohesive space with beautiful, homogeneous light that enhances the design and acoustics of a room.

    OneSpace ceiling light in store

    Superior, homogeneous light


    OneSpace integrates LED lights with textile to create a white light ceiling surface that completely hides the source of light. It delivers excellent uniform light distribution for an enhanced daylight experience, which makes it a perfect functional light for any interior. To make it even more versatile, OneSpace is available in 3000 K and 4000 K versions (light output of 2,530 to 2,654 lm/m2 (235 to 247 lm/ft2), as well as a tunable white version (DALI or 0-10V controllable) ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K. So you can tailor the light exactly to your needs. The result is a smooth and clutter-free ceiling of homogeneous light that feels as good as it looks.


    Sensory enhancing


    OneSpace not only makes spaces look great, it enhances your experience of them. It delivers bright, uniform, glare-free light that eliminates shadows , so you can see more clearly and view objects in their true light. It even enhances room acoustics by reducing disturbing sound reflections.

    OneSpace panels in car showroom
    OneSpace panels on building

    Simply smarter and supremely safe


    The ceiling-mounted panels are simple to install, easily controllable, and easy to maintain. OneSpace offers excellent value by combining industry-leading features (fire safety class B certified) with competitive pricing. OneSpace panels also integrate perfectly with your building management system. 


    Specify the size


    For ultimate design flexibility, the panels are available in sizes ranging from 900 x 900 mm (3 x 3 ft) up to 2400 mm x 9900 mm (8 x 33 ft). 


    Surface or suspended


    A variety of mounting options are available for suspended and surface mounting methods. The panels are available with a black or white frame. 


    Powerful control


    The E-boxes mounted on the back of each panel (OneSpace Prefab) or module (OneSpace Luminous Ceiling) contain the drivers and connectors for power and controls. The number of E-boxes needed relates to the type and size of the panel/module.

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