Visual Interest

    Denver, Colorado, USA

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    Offices and artists co-exist with flexible lighting

    Located in the up-and-coming River North Arts District of Denver, Colorado, lighting manufacturer representative Visual Interest's office needed a lighting solution as multi-purposed as its space. The brick warehouse serves as a substantial entertaining space and a rotating art gallery. As a part of the arts neighborhood, Visual Interest offers something that can be used by the local community.

    The goal of the lighting project was to create a space with as much flexibility as possible. Dynamic lighting was needed in order to suit all functions of the building, from classic clean white lighting for the office and viewings in the art gallery to colorful displays of light for a vibrant dance party in the entertainment space.

    LED lighting helped meet all these goals for the space. John Fuller from Mountain Light Company and lighting company Hefferan Partnership worked together to specify a solution from Color Kinetics. The chosen products produce high quality white light as well as the variety of color effects desired for the space. Due to its versatility, SkyRibbon IntelliHue Linear Direct Powercore was used throughout the building. SkyRibbon IntelliHue luminaires are capable of producing intelligent white and colored light from the same luminaire. The linear direct luminaires at Visual Interest are recessed into the ceiling spaced 1.8 m (6 ft) apart and 3 m (10 ft) from the illuminated surface.

    "The SkyRibbon product was unique in its ability to cover a broad variety of lighting needs using a single product," said Scott Hill, Visual Interest principal. These luminaires produce ambient functional light as well as color in a creative, inspiring way, complementing the artistic environment of the office and surrounding neighborhoods.

    Living up to its name, Visual Interest is now illuminated beyond the practical, widening the functionality of the building to an endless variety of possibilities. The white light adequately illuminates the office space for working, and the colored light brings entertainment and art into a space open to the community. Now, the space inspires local artists who display their work in the building, with the use of a creative and vibrant lighting solution.
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:
    Hefferan Partnership

    Tres Birds Workshop

    Mountain Light Company

    Electrical Contractor:
    BAR Electric

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