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    Maximum Flexibility

    Bring bright, beautiful direct-view LED lighting to structures of all sizes and shapes

    FlexElite is the latest, brightest, and most flexible member of our Flex family. It includes a redesign of all major elements, from its form factor to internal electronics to mechanical design. FlexElite's sections click together quickly and easily, allowing unequalled customization. Its innovative modular design lets you create the exact configuration of nodes that meet the needs of your project. FlexElite meets the challenges posed by large, unconventional structures by providing longer run lengths and node spacing than possible in the past.

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    FlexElite can deliver run lengths of up to 305 meters (1,000 feet) with variable distances between nodes. The result? With FlexElite, you can take on a wide range of outdoor applications, from arenas to office buildings to bridges.

    Innovative Design

    Large-Scale Installations


    FlexElite's modular design frees you from the limitations posed by static numbers of nodes on flexible cables—enabling longer run lengths and node spacing. You can choose sections with the number of nodes you need. Plus, multiple jumper cable lengths let you get the node spacing you need for your design—achieving the right resolution.

    More Lumens

    Brighter Output


    FlexElite is the brightest Flex luminaire available, outputting up to 149 lumens per node. Brighter output lets you take on larger structures and create ambitious, large-scale designs that get noticed. And our lumen measurement complies with IES LM-79-08 testing procedures, ensuring accuracy.


    4-Channel Options

    Four-Color Options


    FlexElite luminaires are designed natively as four-channel luminaires. Choose IntelliHue for the highest quality white light and dynamic color in the same luminaire. IntelliHue also includes our proprietary Chromasync technology for maximum color consistency. FlexElite is also available as RGBW or RGBA color solutions, depending on your specific needs.

    Maximum Output


    We designed all FlexElite nodes for maximum output, ensuring high performance that goes well beyond comparable luminaires.

    Simple Installation


    Push-and-click connectors ensure reliable connections, while intuitive mounting options make it easy for installers to make FlexElite part of any structure.

    Accessory cable

    Choose the FlexElite luminaire that meets your needs


    FlexElite is a natively 4-channel design, enabling you to choose the exact color capabilities that you need—including IntelliHue, RGBW, RGBA, and iW. Which FlexElite solution is right for you? It depends on your specific application. Choosing your 4-channel option is just part of the unequalled flexibility that FlexElite brings you—along with node count, node spacing, run length, and more.

    FlexElite IntelliHue

    For the highest-quality white and dynamic color light

    More and more lighting designs call for white and color light, since it expands capabilities and impact. That's why FlexElite IntelliHue delivers exceptional white light, as well as rich, saturated, color light and color-changing effects—all in the same advanced precisely controllable luminaire. Breakthrough IntelliHue technology from Color Kinetics enables FlexElite to produce millions of saturated colors and pastels, as well as tintable, tunable white light. It's the right choice when you need a luminaire that can do it all, and give you greater control over white light.


    FlexElite IntelliHue luminaires integrate Chromasync, our color consistency technology, which adjusts the color point with pinpoint precision to deliver improved color consistency from luminaire to luminaire. With Chromasync, colors are more consistent, regardless of the specific LEDs used, date of manufacture, and other manufacturing variables. In short, Chromasync allows FlexElite luminaires to achieve exceptional color precision.

    IntelliHue single node

    FlexElite iColor, RGBW

    Go beyond RGB by adding white light


    FlexElite iColor, RGBW luminaires add a separate white LED that creates better-quality whites than possible with traditional RGB luminaires. Choose it when you need quality white light and color in the same luminaire, including pastels and saturated reds.

    RGBw single node

    FlexElite iColor RGBA

    For installations that emphasize warmer tones


    Color requirements for a direct-view installation can be very specific, particularly when trying to match a brand color, or emphasize a certain range of colors—such as fire tones. That's why FlexElite lets you choose the right 4-channel solution for your application. FlexElite iColor, RGBA luminaires add a separate amber LED that expands the available range of colors to include warmer tones, such as rich gold, yellows, and oranges.

    RGBA single node

    FlexElite iW

    Four channels of tunable white light


    FlexElite iW luminaires are natively designed as four-channel luminaires. Choose iW for white light in temperatures of 2200 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, and 6500 K, tunable to anywhere in between. FlexElite iW includes our proprietary Chromasync technology to enable maximum lumen output at whatever temperature of white light you choose. You can also use a single channel to provide Essential White light at the same brightness as in 4-channel mode.

    iW single node