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    Sustainable lighting solution enables a smart office

    When the Signify office in Burlington, Massachusetts – which also serves as the Color Kinetics headquarters - moved offices in November 2022, it was only natural that the new 4366 m2 (47,000 ft2), three-floor office space be completely outfitted with a comprehensive, multi-brand Signify interior lighting solution. As one of Signify’s showcase offices, the intent was to demonstrate our fully connected, seamlessly integrated, end-to-end intelligent lighting systems.


    The lighting solution was carefully designed to create a welcoming, human-centric office featuring intuitive lighting that responds to the users of the space. The office includes a wide variety of room types and flexible spaces to support different work styles and functions — an element that makes the workplace more discoverable and organic, and the lighting speaks to each of these areas. For example, large, fabric-covered LED panels are mounted in pivotal areas throughout the office where people congregate and socialize. Track lighting is placed in work zones where flexibility and autonomy are crucial. Direct view linear luminaires add a pop of color for very specific moments throughout each floor, creating a consistent wayfinding program that a visitor or long-time user can easily understand. UV-C and acoustic, mood, and ambiance-enhancing lighting supports health and well-being for employees and visitors. Lighting is also used for training and demonstration purposes and to celebrate special occasions.


    Placed outside conference rooms and labs, Color Kinetics iColor Accent Compact RGBW, Translucent Lens luminaires serve as intuitive navigation tools. They were programmed with different, vibrant colors to identify the room function – green is used for conference rooms and blue indicates labs. Surface mounted to the drywall on the outside the door frames, labs are marked with (1) 1228.5 mm (48.4 in) fixture, while the conference rooms are denoted by a combination of (1) 1228.5 mm (48.4 in) and (3) 619.5 mm (24.4 in) fixtures.


    Color Kinetics Flex Compact gen3, RGB, Clear Flat Lens, 50 Node, 4 in On-Center Node Spacing backlights the lobby’s custom Signify sign in precisely the correct Signify green.


    Suspended from the ceiling in each large café, Color Kinetics OneSpace gen2 LED light panels identify social zones, providing daylight ambiance and acoustic benefits that promote employee wellness.


    Color Kinetics Luminous Textile panels suspended and floating from the lobby ceiling visually draw visitors into the space from the building’s main entrance on the ground floor. They create a flowing arc into the main circulation path to guide visitors through the space. They are also surface mounted to drywall along the back wall of a large multi-purpose room as a demonstration and training tool. Luminous Textile fabric panels soften sound and enable staff to display custom scenes to elicit different moods.


    Color Kinetics PureStyle Compact Powercore, IntelliHue, mounted end-to-end in a cove lighting application also functions as a demonstration and training tool in the multi-purpose room. An advanced approach to color mixing, Color Kinetics proprietary IntelliHue technology delivers high-quality white light, subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same precisely controllable luminaire, with unrivaled color accuracy across the entire range of color temperatures.


    In addition to Color Kinetics luminaires, the Signify lighting system also includes custom 3D printed pendants and track lighting to help create a cozy, yet elevated, aesthetic in the cafés and lobby. Ledalite NatureConnect installed in the main conference room simulates natural daylight and its biophilic effects. Other Signify products include, Day-Brite FormFlex Recessed LED, 2 ft X 4 ft in the open office spaces; Day-Brite CFI FluxStream LED sealed strip in the labs and industrial back-of-house spaces; Ledalite TruGroove micro in all conference rooms; TruGroove fixtures that serve as portals to indicate a transition space or a social hub; Ledalite EyeLine provides direct and indirect functional accent lighting in all focus rooms; Lightolier Calculite LED 4” gen 3 round downlights; Lightolier Calculite LED 6” gen 3 pendant cylinder downlight; Calculite 6" pendant cylinder with IntelliHue located in the multi-purpose space; and Alko UV-C 2x2 Grid Ceiling Mount mounted in all of the large conference rooms.


    Color Kinetics Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) controls the intelligent system and power and data are supplied by Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro, PDS-400 48V EO, and CM-150 CA gen2.


    Interact Office integrates the office’s connected lighting systems and other office systems to provide remote monitoring, management, and optimization of the lighting, energy use, occupancy, and more from a single dashboard for increased efficiency, performance, and user comfort.

    Project credits

    Lighting Design:




    Marguiles Perruzzi

    Electrical Contractor:

    SW Electric



    J Calnan & Associate


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