Ogilvy Mansion Nanjing

    Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

    Photo Credits: UKON 

    Transforming elevator lobbies into comfortable spaces

    Since its founding in 1948, Ogilvy, an award-winning integrated creative network, has been building brands – from Fortune Global 500 companies to local businesses - across 132 offices in 83 countries worldwide. Ogilvy’s Nanjing office is located in Nanjing Ogilvy Mansion, a 43-floor super high-rise luxury commercial and office building that stands as an exquisite and elegant landmark in the heart of Hexi New City’s commercial business district.


    A new lighting solution in Ogilvy Mansion’s bottom floor elevator lobbies was designed to create an inviting and comfortable space for employees and visitors, while reducing energy use. The idea was to deliver high-quality lighting that adjusts to the different times of day and delivers a pleasant visual experience.


    Lighting designer, Pang Lei, selected Color Kinetics OneSpace Prefab panels (now specified with OneSpace gen2) for the project to create a smooth, clean appearance where the light source is completely hidden. 21 OneSpace panels are integrated in the ceiling of each of the two elevator lobbies arranged 5 cm apart in three rows to align with the shape of the wall and maintain the existing spatial pattern.


    The tunable and dimmable panels, and ease of control enable a swift change of effects. Owners can set separate illuminance for different times of the day, as well as various effects to meet the demand for lighting and energy-savings, while ensuring that employees and visitors are protected from glare. When important guests visit or when the weather is dark, the panels are set at full-on 100% brightness to create daylight-like natural light. During peak hours, panels are set at 50% to meet lighting needs. And, during off-peak hours, the panels are dimmed to 50% brightness, to align with reduced lighting demand and energy-saving needs.


    Perfectly integrated with the ceiling, OneSpace has transformed Ogilvy Mansion’s elevator lobbies into pure and beautiful spaces, while reducing energy consumption.

    Project credits


    Ogilvy, Nanjing


    Lighting Designer:

    Lei Pang

    Architectural Design:

    Nanjing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.


    Electrical Contractor:

    Ping Cao (Shanghai Construction Group), Mr.Ding (Proprietor)


    Electrical Design:

    Xingqiang Wang

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