AstraZeneca Pharma Poland

    Warsaw, Poland

    Photo Credits: Przemysław Blechman

    Human-centric lighting improves employee well-being and creativity

    Global biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca delivers life-changing medicines that create a lasting, positive impact on patients and society. Embodying a people-centric approach, their Poland office fosters an environment that supports relationship building, where their employees feel a sense of community and are empowered to reach their full potential, perform their best, and make a valuable contribution.


    The new, modern office space required a lighting solution that would be attractive, and more importantly, provide the optimal working conditions, be easy to use, and adapt to the needs of employees.


    To meet AstraZeneca's requirements, the office is equipped with an integrated management system that allows employees to control the lighting from a Qpoint application accessed through a QR code using their mobile devices. This reduces the need for them to touch Dynalite Antumbra light switches (a healthy space). The lighting system also delivers bioadaptive lighting where color and intensity levels are adapted to the natural human circadian cycle.


    Color Kinetics OneSpace gen2 and Philips PowerBalance, both with tunable white technology, provide human-centric lighting and a dedicated day rhythm mode in open spaces throughout the day. The luminaires change color temperature according to the optimal rhythm to achieve the best biological effect, improving well-being and efficiency. OneSpace gen2 also delivers a more comfortable environment in the conference rooms. Larger conference rooms and areas designated for relaxation are outfitted with Luminous Textile panels on the walls and ceilings that combine light, sound, and dynamic video content to evoke desired moods and emotions.


    Created for employees' comfort, the modernized office space has been given new life thanks to the use of a fully controlled human-centric lighting system.


    "We wanted lighting  in our office that improves the quality of working conditions. This goal has been achieved. Each employee can adjust the lighting to their needs, including the nature and purpose of the meeting. In properly lit spaces, employees feel better and perform their duties more effectively. It is worth mentioning that the lighting systems provided by Signify also emphasize the modern design of our office." - Andrzej Pelczarski, Associate Director Facilities, AstraZeneca Pharma Poland

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Maciej Schmidt, Signify


    Solutions System Designer:

    Robert Karwacki, Signify


    Project Manager:

    Pawel Hac, Signify


    Key Account Manager:

    Marta Ciechomsk, Signify

    Customer Order Specialist:

    Katarzyna Banasik, Signify


    end User Marketeer, Office & Industry:

    Iwona Luniewska-Plona, Signify


    System & Services Manager, Office & Industry CEE:

    Agnieszka Operhalska, Signify


    LiAS Manager CEE:

    Radoslaw Buczkowski, Signify

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