State of Art

    Den Bosch, The Netherlands

    Conveying a history of fashion

    State of Art is a family business that started off as a knitting atelier. In the eighties, they changed to the production of, amongst other products, pullovers. Since 1987, these models have been released under three brands, State of Art, Collumn, and Tender (grass). Ultimately they chose to continue with the strongest brand, State of Art. It is not a coincidence that this is the brand that best expresses the founders' (Albert Westerman's) passion for a classic asthetic.


    The first State of Art shop opened in 1994 in Almelo, Netherlands. Annually, eight modern-classic collections, with a twist of 'classic car racing' are designed for men and women with an active lifestyle. The passion for stylish modern-classic clothing, in combination with classic car racing, has been very popular for many years. Their passion for style is also clearly visible in the interior of the shops. A Color Kinetics OneSpace Prefab (now specified with OneSpace gen2) panel is integrated into the design of the store in Den Bosch. The OneSpace panel was customized with a wooden frame, to mimic the look of an antique window.

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    State of Art

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