L'Etoile St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg, Russia

    Displaying products in their true light

    L’Etoile is Russia’s leading beauty retailer, with more than 1000 stores in 200 cities across Russia. The company owns and operates beauty products and retail stores under the names L'Etoile, Bon Joli, and Sephora, that offer perfume and cosmetic products.


    Color Kinetics OneSpace Prefab panels (now specified with OneSpace gen2) were integrated in the design of the flagship store in St. Petersburg. It was important to create daylight ambiance inside the store, so that the products can be seen in their true colors. Since OneSpace panels deliver bright, uniform, and glare-free LED light that completely eliminates shadows, customers can see the products more clearly - an ideal solution for the beauty products sold at l'Etoile. Furthermore, OneSpace provided a solution for the store's high ceilings and open building MEP infrastructure, which needed to be hidden while remaining accessible for maintenance. Another benefit is that OneSpace helps to reduce noise level significantly, creating a pleasant environment to work and shop. The result is a clutter-free ceiling that feels as good as it looks. 

    Project credits



    L’Etoile (Alkor Co.)

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