Luminous Textile gen2

    Transforming spaces with ambient color-changing panels


    Introducing Luminous Textile gen2 – the perfect choice for transforming spaces with beautiful color-changing light. Imagine creating an interior space with the power to attract and engage, surprise and delight, uplift and inspire. A space that blends light, texture and dynamic content in one unique experience.


    Similar to OneSpace gen2, Luminous Textile gen2 delivers everything you need in easy-to-ship sized boxes driving quick and easy assembly and installation thanks to its smart, modular design. With hundreds of sizes and powerful Ethernet control, Luminous Textile gen2 transforms spaces in a totally unique way.


    • Inspire your creativity
      Luminous Textile gen2 is a revolutionary way to enhance interiors with light, and dynamic content. A combination of multi-colored LEDs within textile panels that gives you the ultimate creative freedom. You can choose the size and number of panels as well as how you arrange them with a unified control system.


    • A unique solution
      Luminous Textile gen2 panels are simple to assemble and install, come in a wide range of sizes, and can be arranged in infinite ways so you can orchestrate your own composition.


    • Beautifully moving light
      With its 60 mm (2.3 in) pixel pitch and soft fabric diffuser Luminous Textile gen2 is not intended for information or sales messages that overload the senses. Rather, it provides soft diffused colorful light, creating a very special dreamlike quality and unique ambience.


    • Framing dynamic artwork
      The bold shape of Luminous Textile gen2 features an ultra-thin black frame, perfectly outlining the color-changing content that fills the frame right up to the edge. A clean modern white fabric cover is standard. Additional decorative printed fabric or black mesh available as custom configurations.


    • Play with dynamic content
      Create stopping power for your shop, turn your restaurant into an intimate space, or change the perspective of time spent in a waiting room with the perfect dynamic video content displayed on your Luminous Textile gen2 panel.
    • Simply powerful control
      Supporting thousands of nodes across one panel or many iPlayer 4 the Ethernet based (KiNET)controller for Luminous Textile gen2, displays your contentwith an easy-to-use but powerful interface. Not just a simple playback device, the iPlayer 4 from Color Kinetics allows control of each panel separately or in unison, or both depending on content.

      Schedule and playback light shows, set event triggers, create show schedules, and easily select point-andclick static color scenes using the newly designed interface. Create and manage calendar events to automatically trigger show playback at a specific date/time, an astronomical event such as sunrise or sunset, viewable by month or day.


    • Easy to ship, assemble, and install
      Its smart, modular design delivers everything you need in easy-to-ship sized boxes driving quick and easy assembly and installation. This elegant, low-profile luminaire provides beautiful ambiance to any space, transforming your space into a seamless, cohesive plane of light.


    • Sustainable
      Both OneSpace gen2 and Luminous Textile gen2 were designed with an emphasis on modular design with over 70% of the components common in both luminiares. This enables easy repair, service, and parts replacement extending the luminaire’s lifespan and reducing waste. 

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