Bershka Turin

    Turin, Italy

    A magical retail display

    The bright, shadow-free quality of Color Kinetics OneSpace's illumination makes it particularly well suited to retail display settings. Architect Jordi Castel of Barcelona's Castel Veciana Arquitectura chose Color Kinetics OneSpace Prefab (now specified with OneSpace gen2) for the stores he designed for Berhka.


    "It creates a magical image," he says. "It’s a very light panel, suspended with high-quality, uniform, bright light. It is perfect for the concept in which the interior architecture is defined by a series of planes and surfaces. It’s pure poetry, and I will definitely use it again."

    Project credits


    Bershka (Inditex)



    Jordi Castel



    Luminous Surfaces



    Signify Iberia and Large Luminous Surfaces

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