Oslo, Norway

    Delivering a warm welcome to visitors

    Snøhetta operates worldwide with seven offices and 170 employees of 28 different nationalities, from African to Danish. A forward-thinking company, its architectural projects are always developed with the end user in mind. 


    The Oslo-based office recently moved to an old parking garage with a beautiful view of the harbor. Snøhetta is an open, caring, and family-like business, and this is reflected in its office design, which gives a warm welcome to visitors.


    To continue this people-friendly atmosphere, Color Kinetics OneSpace Luminous Ceiling was integrated into the building’s meeting rooms. The acoustic properties of Onespace Luminous Ceiling (now specificed with OneSpace gen2), which reduce unwanted sound reflections, compensate for the hard materials like concrete and glass. Aesthetically-pleasing Kvadrat Soft Cells were selected for the walls. "The bold-colored textiles give both meeting rooms a different identity, while still staying close to the design of other parts of the building," said architect Heidi Pettersvold Nygaard.

    Project credits


    Snøhetta Oslo


    Heidi Pettersvold Nygaard & Marlene Fenger Vedal, Yashar Architects



    Luminous Surfaces

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