Gallery TOTO

    Narita, Japan

    Photo and Video Credits: ⒸDAICI ANO. Video: Daisuke Ohki



    "A 'toilet like a gallery’ that brings smiles to one and all." - Architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham.


    GALLERY TOTO is a digital gallery of state-of-the-art toilets presented by TOTO and Narita International Airport, boasting the Japan-first use of 17 Luminous Textile panels. This delightful and engaging space is open to everyone. The idea of this project is to share the sense of toilet comfort that is so important in Japan from Narita International Airport to the rest of the world. Klein Dytham architecture has been asked to develop the ideas and objectives into GALLERY TOTO.

    Project credits


    GALLERY TOTO (presented by TOTO and Narita International Airport)



    Klein Dytham Architecture


    Yasuyuki Tamenaga (black*bath)

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