Guanyin Altar of Putuoshan Guanyin Dharma Realm

    Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, China

    Photo and Video Credits: Gutake Film



    Achieving inner peace with modern lighting

    Considered the heart of Guanyin Dharma Realm in Zhejiang Province, the Guanyin Altar of Putuoshan Guanyin Dharma Realm (Guanyin Altar) received spectacular new lighting as part of a massive project to create a 3,000-acre Guanyin Expo Park. The largest Buddhist cultural project in the world, the park is aimed at uniting pilgrimage, sightseeing, experience, and enlightenment.


    Leaning toward contemporary Buddhism, the architectural style of the three-building Guanyin Altar combines characteristics of traditional Chinese pavilions with modern high-rise building technology. Great achievements in contemporary Buddhist art and organically modern architectural elements are integrated to evoke a sense of sacredness, uniqueness, experience, and appreciation. The temple holds large-scale religious activities, high-end meetings, exhibitions, and festival performances.


    Designed by ATL Lighting, the lighting concept for Guanyin Altar centers on introducing ‘skylight’ and ‘the universe inside the treasure vase.’ The shape of the inner Guanyin Altar space resembles a vase, the symbol of Guanyin. In the Buddhist belief, Mount Sumeru means the universe and is represented inside the vase-shaped area. The aluminum alloy grid mountain structure and the back plate of the central temple statue are illuminated by 4,500 Color Kinetics PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore luminaires.


    In the temple’s domed ceiling, 60 sq m (646 sq ft) of Color Kinetics Luminous Textile lighting panels represent skylight, as natural light is not able to enter the interior of the Mount Sumeru space. The Luminous Textile panels simulate natural light by displaying dynamic color light and video content set to music. This is the first time Luminous Textile panels have been installed in a domed ceiling.


    “The design concept of this architecture symbolizes Guanyin at the altar, having light penetrate through the treasure vase held by the statue as central part of the design. The Color Kinetics luminaires deliver outstanding light quality from its compact shape and was installed at a height that helped us create the intended atmosphere for the project in the space.” - Jianping Wang, Design Director of ATL Lighting Design

    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    ATL Lighting



    Heyi Design


    China Construction Eighth Bureau


    Electrical Contractor:

    Suzhou Golden Mantis


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