Marriott International HQ

    Bethesda, Maryland, USA

    Turning a lobby into a destination

    “I was fascinated when I first saw Luminous Textile." - Jim Young, Vice President, Corporate Facilities.


    As one of the biggest hotel brands in the world, Marriott International needed a headquarters to match the scale of its reputation and place in the hospitality industry. Their 74,322 m2 office building provides workspace for 3,000 employees daily. The lobby needed an upgrade that would make this area more spacious, and add character and an inviting atmosphere. To provide this welcoming atmosphere, Jim Young was looking for special interior design solutions. He came across Color Kinetics Luminous Textile: “I was fascinated when I first saw it, and decided immediately to incorporate it into our remodeled lobby.” In cooperation with architecture firm Gensler they designed a space in the lobby with four Luminous Textile panels. Visitors and employees stop and marvel at the vibrant, glowing panels in the lobby, formerly an insignificant and unappealing passageway into the building. Now, the lobby has become a destination.

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    Marriott International





    Luminous Surfaces

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