Ombu Building

    Providencia, Chile

    Photo Credits: Felipe Fontecilla

    Lighting leader brings elegance to headquarters

    A dynamic LED lighting design illuminates the Ombu building, which serves as an impressive corporate headquarters for Signify in Providencia, Chile. An objective of the building's design was to highlight the building's crystal-patterned surface with a simple and elegant lighting solution. Equally as important, the architects wanted to reflect Signify' commitment to innovation through this contemporary and technologically advanced design. The vibrant luminiares and easy-to-use controls were all supplied by Color Kinetics.

    The Ombu Building is located on Andres Bello Avenue, a scenic neighborhood situated along the Mapocho River and surrounded by lush parks, yet just blocks away from Chile's busiest commercial corridor and one of Providencia's main streets. In addition to the new Signify headquarters, the Ombu building also houses a number of other offices.

    Cristina Ariztía designed the stunning lighting installation in collaboration with Paulina Alamo M., LiAS Signify, Chile. A light show of blue and cyan on the front of the building faces the river, mirroring its movement. The Ombu's exterior lighting highlights the architecture of the sides of the building through several projectors that emit beams of light. This light is then reflected onto the glass panels that protrude from the building at various angles, creating the illusion of a crystal-patterned exterior. When all of the interior lights in the building are turned off and just a soft white light subtly emerges from the third floor, the lighting design gives the impression that the building is floating effortlessly in the night sky.

    LED lighting was chosen for its dynamic, full-color capabilities, as the lighting designers could easily achieve the color-changing effects they desired for the building. To bathe the exterior in rich, vibrant color, Ariztía and Alamo used 32 ColorBlast Powercore luminaires. With the compact iPlayer 3 DMX lighting controller, users can create and store customized light shows and set them to play at a predetermined time every day. The lights give the building a unique yet elegant design, enabling the building to stand out among the rivers, parks, and hills of the picturesque neighborhood.

    "Considering that the Ombu building is the new corporate building for Signify Chile, the exterior lighting is an important way to show the brand image that we are projecting to our customers," said Paulina Alamo. "The lighting design should strengthen the firm intention of the company of continuous changing, growing, and innovating."
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Cristina Ariztía and Paulina Alamo M.

    LiAS Signify Chile



    Jose Valle and Paulina Alamo

    Signify Chile


    J. Cristobal Fernandez, Mas y Fernandez, Arquitectos Asociados

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