Globalworth Square

    Bucharest, Romania

    Photo Credits: Dragos Asaftei


    Video Video Credits: Globalworth

    A dynamic communication platform

    Centrally located in Bucharest’s largest business district, Globalworth Square is a BREEAM-certified, 29,000 m2 Class A office building that manifests sustainability, innovation, digitalization, and efficiency.

    One of the newest and most technologically advanced buildings in the area, the client sought a suitably innovative lighting solution that would distinguish it from nearby buildings.


    Completed in 2021, a Color Kinetics direct view façade solution was selected for the project because of its high-quality products and technologies, seamlessly integrated connectivity, and flexibility.


    Color Kinetics Flex Micro gen3, RGB (9,604 nodes) were mounted on the façade frames to display dynamic and colorful light shows, low resolution videos, logos, and messages for special occasions. The client can even change and adapt the façade according to tenant requests. The system is powered by Color Kinetics PDS-60ca 7.5 V, DMX/Ethernet.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designers:

    Bogdan Ursa, Przemyslaw Wronowski



    Global Technical Group

    Signify Project Team:

    Silviu Bulzan, Bogdan Ursa, Małgorzata Guzel, Radosław Buczkowski, Przemyslaw Wronoski


    Signify Partner:

    Flash Lighting Services

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