ATLAS Workbase

    Seattle, USA

    ATLAS Workbase launched with the vision of creating a “flexible work space for the modern professional.” It combined the “third place” — the work place outside of the normal office or home — and co-working. Its state-of-the-art offices host professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives of all types.
    "Signify is the best. We wanted to work with the best."

    -Bill Sechter, CEO, ATLAS Workbase

    Customer Challenge

    When Theo Partner Investments decided to open the first ATLAS Workbase in Seattle, they were faced with a number of challenges. It was essential the offices have light suitable for a wide range of workplace needs, from team meetings to video conferencing. But with limited natural light available, ATLAS Workbase needed powerful lighting solutions that matched its superior look and felt personal.

    The right lighting


    ATLAS Workbase required a lighting partner with a huge breadth of products and knowledge, an expert with both technical and aesthetic understanding. Marti Hoffer, CEO of Lumenomics, a  Certified System Integrator engaged to direct the lighting, knew immediately who to call. “Signify had the capacity and the sophistication to support the owner and their needs.”


    The ability to optimize space was important to the owners of ATLAS Workbase, and the Dynalite System proved enormously valuable. The system allowed the owners to reduce and maximize energy: they can preset, dim, and light each room according to time of day, programmed schedule, or room occupancy. A OneSpace Prefab panel (now specified with OneSpace gen2) is used in one of the conference rooms. And, when visitors enter Atlas Workbase, they are greeted by a Luminous Textile panel with soft and subtle content. Both solutions helped provide a high-quality aesthetic to complement the workspace.


    “Having the ability in your individual workspace to dim and control your lighting to what works with your eyes is another way of creating a better work experience for you to not only be more comfortable and more productive, but more healthy at the same time,” Bill Sechter, CEO of Atlas Workspace.

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