Esperante Corporate Center

    West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

    Photo Credits: Mike Meadows

    Iconic pyramid refreshed with vibrant light

    Located in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, the 20-story Esperante Corporate Center is one of the tallest buildings in the city, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding area. The easy access to the Palm Beach International Airport, the highway, and the exciting downtown attractions makes for an ideal location for an office building. To add to its allure, the center went through a renovation, which not only created more amenities for its clients but also helped the property to achieve its LEED Gold and Energy Star rating for their leading energy-efficient practices.

    Esperante is best known for its iconic pyramid roof that decorates the skyline of downtown West Palm Beach, which can be admired from the picturesque tourist destination of Palm Beach. When lighting designer John DiDomenico, from Skyline Arts LLC, was commissioned to upgrade the exterior lighting, he envisioned a design to emphasize this distinctive structure. He replaced the former rooftop lights with a color-changing LED solution, and chose Color Kinetics because of its reputation for high quality solutions. DiDomenico installed 88 iColor Accent MX Powercore luminaires to outline the unique architecture of the roof. The lighting installation is controlled by a Color Kinetics iPlayer 3 controller, making it easy to change the color scheme of the building at any time.

    Now the Esperante Corporate center has a colorful and energy-efficient lighting design to match its eco-friendly certifications. In addition, this bright display lights up downtown and can be enjoyed by boats cruising the Atlantic.

    "The installation can be seen from over 8.05 km (5 miles) away. It is stunning how well it shines through the ambient light of the city," says DiDomenico. "It is the most visible illuminated structure on the West Palm Beach skyline.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    John DiDomenico, Skyline Arts LLC

    Electrical Contractor:

    Advanced Power Technologies


    LED Source/ Skyline Arts LLC

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