Centre Point High Rise

    Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

    Photo Credits: Adnan Ahmed

    High drama with versatile floods

    As the capitol of the Sindh province in Pakistan, Karachi is the most populous metropolitan city in the country. It is a hub of industry, retail, and finance, and is the main seaport. Completed in December 2013, Centre Point is a state of the art office complex located in a busy area of Karachi. Even at 28 stories and 117.3 m (385 ft), the building was understated in a business, residential, and industrial district. But the architects believed that the use of Signify lighting products would bring the tower into prominence.

    There are triangular protrusions extending from either side of the building. These give the building a unique shape during the day. At night, the lighting from within the space helps the tower to glow and stand out in its busy surroundings.

    Vaya Flood luminaires fill each triangular area, and Vaya Linear luminaires light the building's crown. More Vaya Flood luminaires highlight the arches at the rear of the building, while Color Kinetics ColorReach Powercore luminaires (now specified with ReachElite) accentuate the tower's total height with color-changing light.

    The combination of Vaya and Color Kinetics products create different layers of wall washing, floodlighting, backlighting, and diffused lighting for an effect that captures the attention of the community.

    "Our design philosophy is to create environments that trigger emotions and profoundly impact the way people perceive and experience the space. Signify is helping us achieve these goals," said Adnan Ahmed, Signify Senior Lighting Application Specialist.

    The client wanted color-changing light, and Vaya provided a good combination of performance and cost effectiveness. The split control system of the ColorReach Powercore floodlights also enabled the building owners and operators to create lighting themes and designs with ease.

    "The challenges of today's world call for innovative and sustainable solutions that ensure safety, convenience, connectivity, flexibility and, above all, stability. LED is the solution," Ahmed Said.
    Project credits


    TPL Properties l A TPL Holdings Company

    Electrical Consultants:

    SMC (S Mehboob and Company) Karachi, Pakistan


    ARCOP Private Limited, Karachi, Pakistan – Yawar Abbas Jilani and Mahboob Khan

    Electrical Contractor:

    Power Professionals & Engineers, Karachi, Pakistan

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