Aberdeen Drilling Consultants

    Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

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    Corporate HQ modernizes and maximizes

    Aberdeen Drilling Consultants, (ADC), is an oil and gas rig inspection company located in Aberdeen, Scotland. The inspection company's headquarters, a former restaurant, was completely gutted and renovated, including the additional construction of new buildings. ADC felt the building needed a makeover that would reflect the values and culture of the highly respected family business and began seeking modern technology that would make the office stand out even into the future.

    ADC required an LED lighting solution to fulfill their vision of an innovative and engaging office space. One of the main goals of the lighting project was to conserve energy while lowering energy costs for the building. ADC also wanted lighting that was reliable, efficient, and dynamic.

    Lighting Designer Peter McDermott from McDermott Creative and Joe Goodlad from Aberdeen Drilling Consultants ARC Integrated Systems Solutions chose Color Kinetics luminaires due to their innovative yet pragmatic approach to lighting. SkyRibbon IntelliHue Wall Washing Powercore luminaires were used to produce functional office lighting and vibrant accent lighting with the same luminaire. SkyRibbon IntelliHue Wall Washing Powercore, a recessed linear interior LED wall washing luminaire, offers high-quality intelligent color and white light from the same luminaire. The luminaires are programmed to intelligently respond to a variety of conditions. This feature includes the ability to measure incoming light levels and automatically adjust to provide the best functional lighting possible for employees. The luminaires also create accent lighting that washes the walls with subtle color-changing effects throughout the day.

    Aberdeen Drilling Consultants fulfilled all lighting project goals upon completion of the renovation. The company's headquarters now stands at the forefront of modern lighting technology that will leave a lasting impression for years to come while lowering electricity costs.

    "Our offices incorporate the very latest developments in office technology," said Douglas Hay, chairman and managing director of ADC. "It was clear that automated LED lighting technology would complement our focus on innovation whilst delivering significant benefits in workplace wellbeing, energy savings, and reduced ownership costs compared to traditional lighting solutions. By choosing LED lighting, we have together created not only a dynamic high-tech environment, but also, quite simply, a beautiful workplace. I predict this new chapter in ADC's development, authored within the surroundings of this amazing new headquarters, is certainly going to be an exciting one."
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Peter McDermott, McDermott Creative


    Joe Goodlad, Aberdeen Drilling Consultants ARC Integrated Systems Solutions


    Aberdeen Building Design

    Electrical Contractor:

    Hutcheon Services Ltd.

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