The Bridge

    Bucharest, Romania

    Photo Credits: Dragos Asaftei

    Intense, dynamic lighting meets strict sustainability requirements

    Developed by Forte Partners, The Bridge consists of approximately 60000 m2 (645,000 ft2) of Class A office space. The centrally located, contemporary office building enjoys excellent visibility and easy access by all methods of transportation. The Bridge received LEED Platinum certification, with the highest score awarded by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) to a property in Romania.


    To establish the building as an area attraction and provide a unique visual experience, the client wanted to transform the exterior of the building with an innovative, dynamic façade lighting system that enables users to adjust the brightness and color temperature from warm to cold. The lighting solution had to meet strict requirements, including a calculating potential light pollution and preventing light spill beyond the property, while delivering enough intensity for the building to be seen from afar.


    A connected and intelligent Color Kinetics lighting system consisting of Vaya Tube, White 4000 K and 5000 K fixtures (560 pcs) and Light System Manager gen6 (now specified with iPlayer 4). The system reduces electricity consumption and helps increase productivity of employees working in the building.


    “The partnership with Signify helps transform The Bridge into a dynamic structure that is able to interact with its occupants and provide them with maximum flexibility to tailor the lighting to their needs when using the space.” Representative, Forte Partners

    Project credits


    Forte Partners


    Signify Certified System Integrator:


    Lighting Designers:

    Bogdan Ursa and Daniel Coada, Signify


    Signify Project Team:

    Silviu Bulzan, Bogdan Ursa, and Daniel Coada

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