Royal Antwerp FC Stadium

    Antwerp, Belgium

    Restoring 'The Great Old' to New Glory

    The first to register with the Royal Belgian Football Association in 1895, the Royal Antwerp Football Club (FC), often referred to as ‘The Great Old,’ is the oldest football club in Belgium.


    Following several challenging years, the club’s once neglected and outdated stadium began a multi-stage renovation, thanks to new owner and investor Ghelamco. The goal was to return Antwerp FC to its premier, Belgian First Division level in sport and accommodation, with a landmark stadium.


    Completed in 2017, the first phase of the massive ‘Green’ renovation project focused on construction of a new Stand 1. Phase 2, which involved building Stand 4, was completed in April 2021.


    The lighting plan for Phase 2 included illumination of the building’s façade, which features vertical lines of light produced by Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB) strands of high intensity, direct view LED nodes. The lighting is integrated with the existing operating system via an Ethernet network.


    The Flex strands (255) of 50 nodes and strands (204) of 60 nodes generate extraordinary effects without the limitations of fixture size and shape. The luminaire enables patterns and video on the stadium’s façade. The small size of the nodes allows installation in tight spaces.


    A controller provides secure remote monitoring and management of the lighting system, and staff can activate and schedule stunning light displays using a mobile device.


    The project has lifted the Antwerp FC to an entirely new level. The stadium renovation has attracted new players and now, Antwerp FC can welcome dedicated supporters with a first-class football experience befitting a First Division club.


    Project credits


    Ghelamco Group


    Lighting Designer:

    Painting with Light



    Claesen Outdoor Lighting


    Electrical Contractor:

    Claesen Outdoor Lighting

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