Nobel Week Lights 2022

    Stockholm, Sweden

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    Shedding light on particle accelerators

    Nobel Week Lights is an annual, week-long event in December featuring stunning light art projects that illuminate various locations across Stockholm. During Nobel Week Lights 2022, artists and designers created and displayed captivating works of art inspired by Nobel Prize-winning innovations and laureates that enabled visitors to explore the city with an entirely new perspective.


    Created by Architect, Jim Farula, CYKLOTRON was one such installation on a building’s large, curved façade that honored the cyclotron particle accelerator invented by Ernest Orlando Lawrence - winner of the 1939 Nobel Prize in Physics.


    The iconic curved façade, called Bofills båge, inspired Farula to think about particle accelerators and recognize the positive impact that Lawrence’s work has had on modern research and medicine.


    Color Kinetics products were selected for the project, including Blast Powercore gen5, RGBW (30 pcs), Burst Powercore gen3, RGBW (10 pcs), and Burst Powercore gen3, eW (6 pcs). Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro (4 pcs) power the system.


    The luminaires placed on the ground graze light up the building façade. The fully controlled dynamic lighting system displays a continuous light show that simulates the acceleration of particles and ends with a brief Christmas theme.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Jim Farula

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