Breda, The Netherlands

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    From empty park to lively event landmark

    Seeking to create a local event destination, Breda transformed Breepark from a meadow into a bustling leisure and event venue, including restaurants, a cinema, an entertainment center, and a massive event hall. The idea was to offer visitors an engaging atmosphere by creating a Las Vegas-like experience punctuated with dynamic, colorful lighting throughout the complex. This plan required a completely integrated lighting system that Breekpark employees could easily control with the push of a button.


    The entire complex, including the approach route, the event square, the 8,300 m2 (89,340 ft2) event hall, the entrance, and the Kabonk children's playground, were equipped with innovative LED lighting. Color Kinetics products were selected for their high reliability, quality, and durability.


    Color Kinetics Vaya Flood luminaires are placed in lines along the 20 m (65 ft) high ceiling in the event hall and standard halls, while the luminaires follow the ceiling grid pattern in the seven-floor Kabonk playground. On the exterior, Vaya Flood luminaires are used on poles and to highlight landscaping around trees. Color Kinetics Burst Powercore luminaires are mounted to the frame of the Bontemast digital billboard illuminates the tall structure. Pharos is used to control the lighting system, while Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro supplies power and data.


    The connected lighting system, which includes dimmable lights, can be controlled remotely, enabling employees to change the lighting effects and atmosphere of each space in the complex from one location, as well as select the time that each lighting zone is turned on to save energy.


    Completed in 2019, Breepark is the largest event destination in the south of The Netherlands. Seen from afar, it is now firmly established as an iconic landmark in Breda.

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