Philips Healthcare Building

    Best, The Netherlands

    Photo Credits: Signify NL

    Industrial office gets innovative with light

    The Dutch headquarters for Philips Healthcare resides in an industrial office building in Best. As the building is a typical industrial office, it has simple white brick walls and concrete floors. When the company decided to undergo a full renovation of its office buildings, they decided to incorporate an innovative lighting solution from Color Kinetics to create a more welcoming ambience throughout the halls for their employees.

    Philips designers used iColor Cove MX Powercore luminaires (now specified as PureStyle Compact Powercore, IntelliHue) in the ceiling to function as a type of workday clock. With color movement, lights in the hallways guide the employees to the work area in the morning, to and from the cafeteria at lunch time, and at the end of the day the lights guide them out of the building. Different color settings also stimulate and relax employees throughout the day.

    "Philips Healthcare has implemented different RGB solutions to create new and fresh spaces in the old buildings" said Bas van den Noort, a Philips Systems & Services Engineer. "With the use of Color Kinetics products, combined with engineering and commissioning support from Signify Professional Netherlands, the organization has been able to quickly and easily create lighting solutions that are easy to control and maintain."

    To create the lively corridor, the designer mounted the iColor Cove MX Powercore luminaires below the existing fluorescent lighting with a V-shaped metal plate between the luminaires. This metal plate directs the functional white light towards the walls. The iColor Cove MX Powercore luminaires, mounted end to end along the corridor of 80 m (262 ft), glow colorfully through an enclosed, translucent case.

    "Due to the success of this project, Philips Healthcare is planning to extend this lighting solution to more corridors and to use more Color Kinetics solutions for other parts of the renovation," said van den Noort.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Signify Sales Support (Bas van den Noort)


    Johnson Controls

    Electrical Contractor:

    Strukton Worksphere


    Van den Pauwert (Jeroen Verdonschot)


    Signify Sales Support (Mart Driessen)

    Building Contractor:

    Bouwbedrijf Berghege

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