Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Photo and Video Credits: Savaş Keskiner, İstavrit Görsel Çözümler



    The light beyond the lighting – the rising value of Ataşehir

    One of the largest mixed-use projects in Turkey, the Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall combines retail, office and residential space, educational institutions, and recreational facilities. An innovative concept in the district of Ataşehir, the mall is an outdoor shopping concept, featuring a 400 m (1,312 ft) long ‘street’ called Catwalk, 2 squares, and a 16-theater cinema. Among the tallest buildings in Europe, the main tower located in the center of the mall complex is expected to see an estimated 23 million visitors annually.


    An LED lighting system was identified for the exterior of the massive tower to provide a flexible infrastructure for creating an innovative lightshow using a DMX control system. Color Kinetics was selected for its reliability under harsh conditions – a necessity given the height of the tower - as well as its reputation and ability to meet the project’s technical specifications.


    Designed with 30,000 nodes of Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 (now specificed with Flex Compact gen3, RGB) and Color Kinetics power and data supplies, the innovative end-to-end direct view façade solution offers a visual show to Istanbul residents, with a lighting infrastructure that allows for the sharing of digital content. The fixtures are mounted on the surface of the façade with aluminum profiles between the windows and floors, spaced 20 cm (7 in) vertically and 3 m (9 ft) horizontally. Color Kinetics Vaya Tube, and Color Kinetics iW Reach Powercore gen2 (now specified as ReachElite), are also used in mall’s exterior lighting.


    Completed in 2018, the tower’s new lighting system creates a dynamic video screen media façade that can be viewed from many parts of the city and enhances the mall’s identity as a regional public landmark.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    ALD Lighting


    Signify Certified System Integrator:

    ŞAH Group

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