Vaya Tube G2, RGBW

    Exterior compact linear direct view luminaire with dynamic, color-changing RGBW light

    Vaya Tube G2, RGBW is a compact direct view linear LED lighting solution for exterior low-resolution graphic lighting applications. Designed for media graphics with dynamic control resolution as fine as 150 mm (5.9 in) per segment, the DMX and KiNet-controllable system can transform entire façades with bright and uniform RGBW light. The light-weight luminaire minimizes the load on structures and cladding elements, while simple push-and-click connectors ensure a simple, fast, and reliable installation.

    Product Summary and Specification Sheets


    • Slim & Lightweight
      The slim form factor, different length options and light luminaire weight ease the integration into façade cladding elements and minimize excess load on architectural structures.


    • Uniform & Bright
      Create a uniform band of light in a wide 180 degree viewing angle, while ensuring high visibility with an output of 462.3 lm / 81.4 cd per 1.2 m (4 ft) luminaire.


    • Technologies Used
      High-brightness Red, Green, Blue, and White (4000 K) LEDs which produce better-quality white light as compared to RGB.
    • Contour & Content
      Whether outlining the contour of a building, highlighting façade accents, or creating a dynamic media display, Vaya Tube G2 places a variety of control options at your fingertips, from static on/off setups to dynamic control resolution as fine as 150 mm (5.9 in) per segment.


    • Simple Wiring
      Up to 24.3 m (80 ft) per CM-150 CA gen2 divided over 2 ports (CE), or 8.5 m (28 ft) on 1 or 2 ports (UL), Vaya Tube G2, RGBW offers wiring flexibility. Waterproof daisy chain-connectors, combining low voltage power and data, make for simple, fast and reliable wiring connections.

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