Boathouse Row: 2005 - Present

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

    Photo Credits: Jacques-Jean Toziou

    Upgraded LED lighting amplifies historic Schuylkill


    In June 2005, Philadelphia's historic Boathouse Row received a high-tech lighting makeover. The new intelligent LED lighting system from Color Kinetics replaced a 30-year-old incandescent system that required frequent and costly maintenance. This LED-based lighting system has saved the Boathouse Row property managers approximately $57,000 in annual labor, materials, and operating costs every year since 2005.


    After nearly 20 years of noble service to Philadelphia’s landscape, the popular landmark has received yet another upgrade in March 2024. The new Color Kinetics lighting system offers a palette of 16 million color combinations, allowing for an unprecedented level of dynamism in the boathouses’ nightly displays. With this new level of customization, color schemes can be tailored to special events and holidays, including victories for the city’s beloved Philadelphia Eagles NFL team, adding a new layer of engagement with the community.


    The upgrade was designed by the Philadelphia-based architectural lighting design firm, The Lighting Practice, and installed by Eagle Industrial Electric. The design seamlessly blends the historic nature of the twelve boathouses with the innovative beauty of Color Kinetics lighting.


    Principal of The Lighting Practice, Jonathan Hoyle, notes that “the existing lighting has established Boathouse Row as an iconic Philadelphia landmark. The new LED lighting system upgrades will honor and elevate the original design while bringing joy to Philadelphians for years to come."


    The new installation consists of Color Kinetics Flex Micro luminaires which further reduces energy consumption and maintenance levels. The project used nearly 7,000 individually programmable nodes in 1,600 strings of various custom lengths, some of which were able to be connected to remaining infrastructure of the previous design, increasing efficiency and sustainability.


    This revamp of the historic houses of Boathouse Row not only illuminates Schuylkill River in an engaging and enchanting manner, but also highlights the city's commitment to sustainability, innovation, and cultural preservation.

    Co-Architectural Design and Lighting Design:

    Troy A. Martin-O’Shia

    Hase & Associates, Ltd.


    Lighting Programming:

    Troy A. Martin-O'Shia

    Erik Morra, Joshua Schulman

    Krista Billing

    Co-Architectural Design and Electrical Engineering:

    Shannon Yott

    Pennell & Wiltberger, Inc. (PWI)

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