Reno, Nevada, USA

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    Remodeled bridge becomes illuminated landmark

    Renovations to Nevada's Interstate 580 (I-580) included a newly widened bridge over Meadowood Mall Way in the city of Reno. This project also involved the addition of a northbound on-ramp and a southbound off-ramp at Meadowood Mall Way, which previously did not exist. After completing the bridge renovations, the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County and the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) commissioned a beautification project that would help highlight the improvements, provide a sense of community, and serve as a landmark in the city by creating a regional gateway.

    To highlight Reno's history, Artist and Interdisciplinary Designer Vicki Scuri created a "Great Basin" inspired patterning along the newly remodeled bridge, turning it into beautiful artwork. This patterned artwork consists of different shapes and geometrical patterns resembling local fossils and rock formations inspired by the Great Basin, a major historical national park in Nevada. Across the surrounding land of the bridge, native plants, rock outcroppings, and fossil forms were used to emphasize regional and seasonal identity, tying into the native landscape.

    To illuminate the beautiful artwork into the night hours, Scuri collaborated with Lighting Programmer Matt Hamilton from InitiatEnergy LLC, and Tim Vesco from CH2M, an engineering company. The team chose vibrant LED lighting to highlight the beauty of the public art project, as well as to help reduce energy consumption and promote a green environment. Color Kinetics luminaires were chosen for their performance, warranty, reputation, and ability to meet all the unique goals for the project. Scuri and her team used ColorBlast 12 luminaires (now specified with Blast Powercore) to create color-changing effects to illuminate the artwork on the bridge, adding to the project, and creating seasonal and holiday lighting shows for passersby.

    Fifteen luminaires were mounted on the wing-shaped architecture, or open geometric faceted lantern light towers, built on either side of the bridge. The luminaires illuminate the inside of the towers, and shine light through the diamond-shaped cutouts. The luminaires are all individually addressable and controllable and contribute to the overall effect of the bridge, providing variety for the lighting show.

    The beautifully lit display of artwork on the newly-renovated bridge creates a dynamic nighttime presence in the city. The Reno sky and nearby mountains also provide a compelling backdrop for this project year-round. The LED lighting creates a sense of place and promotes community engagement by highlighting the Great Basin-inspired effect, celebrating the passage of seasons, and marking holidays.
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Vicki Scuri, Vicki Scuri SiteWorks and Matt Hamilton, InitiatEnergy LLC


    Tim Vesco, CH2M

    General Contractor:

    Meadow Valley Contractors, Inc.


    Vicki Scuri, Vicki Scuri SiteWorks

    Landscape Architecture:

    Barb Stanton, Stantec

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